January 20, 2021

Nirvana Rana

renaming boneless chicken wings

One Man’s Plea To Rename ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’ Goes Viral

In an era of increasingly conflicting political rhetoric across the country, a man from Nebraska draws attention to his passionate call to action against...
sweden children coronavirus

Swedish Parents Locked Up Children For Months To Avoid COVID-19

Between March and early July, children, 10 to 17 years old, were kept isolated, and their family prohibited from leaving the apartment. Their parents detained...
identify indian tv characters

Can You Spot 58 Popular Characters From Indian TV On This Fantastic Painting?

There are many things one can disagree with others, but one thing we can all admit is that Indian TV is no longer what...
man robs pizzeria job

A Man Robs The Very Pizzeria Where He Was Applying For A Job

No matter when a crime is committed, police officers put on their detective hats to identify the culprit. And while they can find substantial...
india bans pubg chinese apps

Twitter Reacts After Government Banned PUBG, TikTok and Other Apps

India has banned more than 100 additional apps linked to China, including the popular mobile game PUBG, citing concerns about cybersecurity as geopolitical tension...
lionel messi leaving barcelona

Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona And Why A Move To Man City Is ‘Most Likely’

Lionel Messi, who is one of the greatest players for Barcelona, could soon be leaving the club for good. After spending almost two decades...