January 20, 2021

Roshani Thapa

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8 Best Job Sites In Nepal To Get The Switch Over You Always Wanted

In Nepal people are obsessed with mobiles and computers where most of net savvy person are on internet and job portal has made it...

10 Highly Rated Educational Consultancies In Nepal For Abroad Studies

Study abroad is a trend that is taking its peak in the Nepali market. Leading to an increasing rate of student mobility in foreign...

5 Must Visit Restaurant And Bars If You Plan To Go To Thamel

The center for tourists and most first-time visitors to Kathmandu will usually end up in Thamel. Here are the top 5 lists of Restaurant...
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6 Events Being Held In Kathmandu In Celebration Of International Women’s Day

The events are all about unity, celebration, reflection and action of women’s in Nepal and worldwide.
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5 Must Visit Retreat Around Kathmandu Valley For Invigorating Experience

The recent trends show that there has been rapid growth in local tourist, leading to promotion of Nepali culture and food.

5 Best Online Shopping Stores In Nepal Taking Advantage Of Digital Age

In today’s technology era, people want everything on their doorstep rather than going through all the hustle of reaching to the physical stores one...

5 Things Only True Fans Of Korean Drama Would Relate To

Korean dramas can change the whole perspective of life that you are living in and we would love to stay in that fantasy world.

5 Most Awaited Hotels In Kathmandu That Promises Majestic Hospitality

The tourism sector in Nepal is expanding and showing a high growth potential among all areas and could deliver economic and job growth of Nepal economy.