20 Funny And Awkward Sports Moments

Taking excellent sports photos is very difficult, and taking perfectly-timed photos is even harder. All it takes is a millisecond of hesitation, and, oops, you just missed it. But it gets easier to snap that perfect shot when athletes constantly move around and strain their muscles, showing us their funny-looking faces and getting into embarrassing positions.

In this gallery, you’ll find not only a selection of hilarious facial expressions but also some very awkward photos taken at the right moment.

What better way to start this off than an energetic flag girl signaling the start of the race?

This talented gymnast can contort her body in such a way, thanks to black magic.

She was so close to clearing that bar. She failed, and yet we still love to see it.

Is this what the boomers call “whale watching”? It does look fun.

(Record scratch) (freeze frame) Yup, that’s me, and I bet you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this mess…

This would be the shortest boxing match in history. Also, the most deadly one, probably.

When people say someone has a chimp on their shoulder, is this what they mean?

Cut it! Cut the music, DJ! The whales are going bonkers!

Such grace, such balance, and yet there’s a chance she’s a Republican.

After getting wet in the rain, ballerinas need to be hung out to dry.

Now, this is a Spider-Woman movie we are all expecting to see. At least it’s somewhat comic book-accurate.

Here you see an ancient traditional punishment where the weakest player is being thrown into shark-infested waters.

Spin me like a record, baby, right ’round.

Jinkies! His partner was hit by a random flying hot dog thrown by one of the fans! Now they’ll need to mustard their strength and ketchup.

If Kraken had human legs, this is exactly how he’d look. Fascinating!

For some reason, that look she’s giving is the funniest thing in this photo. Change my mind.

It may seem like this is a picture taken upside down, but it’s actually just good old centrifugal force in action.

Was this fight on ESPN at any point? Asking for a friend.

Zero clue what the heck is going on here, but the lady seems to be giggling, so it’s all good, right?

It’s the year 2094. The robots now have their own Olympics, but they still look freaky.

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