Ayesha Takia Looks Like Indian Kylie Jenner After Her Surgery

Beautiful actress Ayesha Takia who stood unheard in the past few years is again climbing up the steps of stardom with her stunning transformation after her lip surgery. This 30-year-old former actress has left nothing after her unimaginable makeover, making everyone fall for her ever again.

Ayesha Takia’s last memorable role was in ‘Wanted’ alongside Salman Khan in 2009, yet the actress has not been forgotten. You don’t have to go to the depths of your memory to remember who she is, although she has been missing from the film scene for quite some time now. 

Her recent pictures shared on her Instagram account are entirely different in style compared to those we have seen before. A fabulous chic hairstyle, razor-sharp jawline, fuller lips, altered brow, and super toned body, all these ingredients have ignited her spark again in recent times.

These days many celebrities opt for all kinds of painful surgeries to enhance their physical appearance. While some succeed and enjoy a brand-new avatar, others regret it. Ayesha’s new look after her lip surgery has surprised us, and now we are looking forward to seeing her spark, glamour, and good work on screen soon.