Babysitter And The Kid’s Dad Causes Outrage Over Their Flirty Dancing Video

Folks were wide-eyed at the people in a TikTok video that went viral. A man was playing with his nanny, attempting to lift her above him several times but failing. Observers of their interactions thought they were excessively tactile with each other. But, to many, the most bizarre aspect of it was the fact that the wife was the one who videotaped and recommended the video.

Is it possible to be too friendly? Lizzie Norton, the nanny, attempts to raise Andrew’s husband, then hoisted a few times herself.

The caption stated, “The nanny-dad content no one asked for.” And it wasn’t something that anyone requested. It’s just that no one expected it to be possible in the first place.

Everyone appeared to be having a good time and laughing along. But then, the woman jumped up and ran for a head start in a Dirty Dancing style.

”You got your hands on her boobs!” Behind the camera, Rachel could be heard.

They’ve been friends for a long time. Rachel frequently involves Lizzie in her TikTok videos, which have previously gone viral.

Lizzie is treated as a family member, according to the 34-year-old mother, and they have “innocent” behavior between them. “This is what happens… when dad returns home before the nanny leaves,” she joked.

Lizzie began working for the family after the pandemic struck since the family wanted to help her and had met her at the daycare where they both used to go.

“She wasn’t like the other employees, and I wasn’t like the other mothers there.” “We were friends,” Rachel explained.

Lizzie would assist with childcare while Rachel works from home and Andrew works outside.

Rachel also mentioned in a second video that she never leaves the two of them home alone together, even though she was the one who videotaped the scene of the family, excluding her playing on the trampoline.

“On the rare occasions she does see him, they’re so pleased to see each other because she’s like our little sister,” she says of their bond.

“We adore her to the point of death. We can joke around and mess with her since she’s extremely crazy and weird.”

However, critical comments about how they were too close rained down on the video.

“The fact that they were both insanely comfortable doing this is unsettling,” one person said.

“I’ve been a nanny for 15 years, and nothing like this has ever occurred to me,” said another.

“Stop savagely hitting her. She’s a saint. Rachel silenced the critics, “She’s a blessing to our family, and people are bashing her like she’s some type of s**t.”

Lizzie has also stated that no one is grooming her in any way, saying, “I’m not being groomed; everyone can chill down.”

The amusing video of a family enjoying fun has received over 8.2 million views!

Rachel, it appears, also invited her father to try it. And it was a resounding success!