January 19, 2021

14 Most Beautiful Indian TV News Anchors In The World

Watching the news on TV has become the most cherished routine of our era. Every bits and piece of worldwide news are available right at our fingertips. Gluing ourselves to non-stop news reporting comes ordinary to us. With such demand from viewers, media has become piping hot as a career option. Many youngsters are considering a media career to be very desirable. You deliver news updates to millions of audiences and the fact that a hefty glamourous approach is ever-present in the TV news industry.

Expressive, spontaneous, and talented news anchors make it even more prominent in the media industry. In such a visual context, being a news anchor demands more robust characters. The newsroom has become a forte for female anchors. Recent research concluded that female broadcasters deliver news with more emotions and emphasize their delivery, giving more credible and realistic experiences to the viewers. Despite having hundreds of female news anchors in India, only a few can create a buzz, whether their news delivery skills or only their beauty.

Journalism is one of the favored career options for many women, and it has been producing considerable numbers of news anchors.  Many come and go in this industry, but only a handful of exceptional manage to get successful. The competitive nature of the job makes it a cut-throat industry. Because women have to work twice as hard, be twice as beautiful, and go above and beyond their abilities.

In addition to being talented, beauty matters a lot to remain in the limelight. We have compiled some of the glamorous ladies in the news who broke all barriers and ultimately reached the television news. They have held onto their fame and continues to work with exceptional dedication.

Chitra Tripathy – Aaj Tak

Shagun Sharma – ABP News

Ridhima Pathak – Tens Sports

Sweta Singh – Aaj Tak

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Anjana Om Kashyap – Aaj Tak

Puja Bhardwaj – NDTV

Preeti Singh – Rajya Sabha TV

Tanvir Gill – CNBC

Nidhi Razdan – NDTV

Sonia Shenoy – CNBC

Shereen Bhan – CNBC

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Mini Menon – Live History India

Who is your favorite news anchor?

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