26 Most Beautiful Lithuanian Women In The World

Apart from being a spectacular tourist destination, Lithuania can be proud of its beautiful women population. Welcome to the land of the blonde! Anyone would first notice that Lithuanian women are beautiful and modern in how they carry themselves.

Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale, flawless skin are typical among Lithuanian women. When you meet a Lithuanian woman, you can instantly feel she’s a deep thinker and serene. She is never impulsive; her actions are carefully calculative. They are sincere and extremely polite.

Another atypical feature of Lithuanian women is their long hair that reaches down below the waist. This perfectly gives out the vibes of a princessly look you would imagine in a fairytale story.

Viktorija Jukonyte

Viktorija has made a name for herself as a photo model, collaborating with various brands in Lithuania and internationally.

Simona Starkute

Simona is a Lithuanian model who appeared in Playboy Lithuania in 2011.

Inga Jankauskaitė

Inga Jankauskaitė is a Lithuanian actress, singer, and piano player.

Aiste Dirziute

She is a Lithuanian actress best known for her role as Austė in The Summer of Sangaile.

Jurgita Jurkute

She attended Vilnius University to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work, which she completed in 2013.

Katya Virshilas

Katya Virshilas is a Lithuanian-Canadian dancer and actress.

Rasa Vereniute

Egle Standtaite

Her modeling career began in Seoul and has been prominent in the Lithuanian fashion industry.

Kornelia Stankevic

Kornelia studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where she likely honed her passion for fashion and developed her unique aesthetic. Her flawless skin, fit physique, and long brunette hair stand out in the industry.

Liepa Mondeikaite

Liepa Mondeikaite is a famous singer and public figure from Lithuania. Her presence in the music industry and ability to captivate audiences with her voice and beauty make her a notable figure in Lithuania’s entertainment scene.

Agniya Ditkovskite

Agniya is a Russian actress of Lithuanian origin.

Agne Grudyte

Agne is a Lithuanian actress and TV presenter.

Juste Juozapaityte

She is a Lithuanian-born model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur in London.

Severija Janusauskaite

She graduated from Vilnius Theatre and Cinema Academy in 2005.

Monika Salciute

Besides her modeling career, Monika Salciute is also an ambassador for a well-known Polish activewear brand.

Agne Motiejunaite

Edita Vilkeviciute

Deimante Kazenaite

She was a Lithuanian National Judo team member, showcasing her athleticism and determination. Her passion for makeup artistry shines through her work, and she has become a respected figure.

Ruta Elzbieta Mazureviciute

Auguste Abeliunaite

Auguste Abeliunaite is a Lithuanian model. Born in Vilnius, Auguste Abeliunaite has walked for the biggest fashion brands, including Jil Sander, Burberry, and Prada.

Milita Daikeryte

With her captivating beauty and talent, Milita has made a name for herself as a sought-after model. Her striking features and alluring presence have garnered attention from both followers and brands.

Svetlana Lazareva

She is a Lithuanian international fashion model currently represented by IMG Models.

Asta Valentaite

Asta Valentaite has made a name for herself not only as a model but also as a stylist. She has worked as a talent scout for Model Partner and as a fashion stylist for Laimė. 

Kristina Tuckute

Kristina is a Lithuanian fashion model who launched her career in 1995. She has since appeared on magazine covers and campaigns worldwide and has been featured by prominent design houses. 

Jandra Dziaugyte

Jandra is a Lithuanian fashion model born in Kaunas.

Egle Straleckaite

Which of these Lithuanian beauties did you like the most?