21 Most Beautiful Nepali Women In The World

Beautiful Nepali women are some of the most underrated beauties out there. Amazingly, with a population of over thirty million, the number of ethnicities is more than a hundred. Nevertheless, the country is primarily dominated by the Aryan and Mongoloid types of physical appearance. By nature, Nepali women are reserved, modest, and sometimes shy, and and hesitate to express their goods openly. Traditionally, Nepali women are known to have long, dark hair with fair skin tones.

The common features of Nepali women are their subtle and expressive appearances. Women tend to dress exotically in their traditional sarees or kurtis. The Nepali culture is inclined toward Western wear, with jeans and fashionable tops being the most popular amongst the new generation of girls. Women love to dress in brightly colored, intricate clothes.

When it comes to makeup, beautiful Nepali women tend to go very lightly on it. However, they like to adorn their foreheads with a traditional red tika, earrings, and neck jewelry. Current trends in Nepal are motivated toward having a thinner body shape. More and more women are into weight loss and fitting the cultural beauty standards. It is worth noting that they don’t aspire to materialistic desires.

As a result, they have developed peculiar abilities to live in the present moment and perceive reality in its entirety. The entertainment industry has seen quite a lot of progress in recent times. They are giving way to innovative fashion vloggers and makeup artists who love to remain upbeat with the latest trends. Beautiful Nepali women have the means and the hunger to catch up with the modern world. Creative platforms are opening for women to express themselves, meaning all those hidden beauty gems are seen in the limelight. Many Nepali women are breaking the glass ceiling and excelling in a wide range of professional avenues.

Here are some of the most beautiful Nepali women out there:

Namrata Shrestha

namrata shrestha
Navyaata Magazine

Akesha Bista

akesha bista

Priyanka Karki

priyanka karki
Anjil Maskey

Shristi Shrestha

shristi shrestha
Hamro Khabar

Neelam Chand

neelam chand

Sahana Bajracharya

sahana bajracharya
TrendingNet Nepal

Deepika Prasain

deepika prasain
Filmy Khabar

Alisha Rai

alisha rai
Hamro Khabar

Prakriti Shrestha

prakriti shrestha

Anjana Das

anjana das
Happy Pokhara

Sushma Karki

sushma karki
Filmy Khabar

Jassita Gurung

jassita gurung
TrendingNet Nepal

Jyotsna Yogi

jyotsna yogi
Stars Unfolded

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

samragyee rl shah
Friday Weekly

Ashlesha Rana

ashlesha rana

Oshin Sitaula

oshin sitaula
Friday Weekly

Barsha Raut

barsha raut
Hamro Khabar

Upasana Singh Thakuri

upasana singh thakuri

Aditi Budhathoki

aditi budhathoki

Shrinkhala Khatiwada

shrinkhala khatiwada

Niti Shah

niti shah
DS Collection

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