5 Bedtime Routines For Better Intimacy That Every Couple Need To Know

What we do in bed at night has a significant effect on our love relationship. This is because we are so busy that we don’t bother about what’s happening in our partners’ lives.

So if you want to build a strong relationship with your partner, adapt some bedtime routines for better intimacy, and you’ll have a more deeply connected and fulfilling relationship in no time.

1. Keep phones away

Not only is having zero electronic light in your bedroom fantastic for your sleep hygiene, but it’s also great for your relationship. So turn your phones off, light a candle or two, and prioritize your connection with your partner for just a few minutes before you doze off.

2. Sleeping naked at night

Sleeping naked has proven many health benefits (it regulates cortisol, better for men’s and women’s genital health, better for your skin, etc.). It also allows you and your partner to have more skin on skin contact, resulting in more skin Oxycontin release. In addition, your body benefits, your quality of sleep benefits, and your cuddling ability are boosted. Plus, morning sex is much easier when you both wake up naked!

3. Extended cuddling

It’s been proven that extended cuddling releases a large amount of Oxycontin. Some people say that reading a book or scrolling through their Facebook feed makes them drowsy before bed. Well, guess what? Cuddling does that even better than reading, plus it reconnects you with your partner physically as well as emotionally. So Bring back the cuddles!

4. Massage

Maybe you had a rough day. Maybe someone yelled at you. Perhaps your shoulders are sore from trying out a new kind of kick-boxing class that you did earlier in the day. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to receive or give more touch, massage is an excellent tool for connection and relaxation. Just give your partner a rub down gently with love.

5. Have sex

Do you know having sex is one of the best ways that you can reconnect as a couple? Yes. Sex comes in many forms, and it will depend on you and your partners’ moods. Maybe you make out for a while touching each other’s butts. Perhaps you hold each other’s faces in your hands and list off five things that you love about each other. Maybe one or both of you gets a spoiling session. Perhaps you engage in oral and penetrative sex for multiple hours in a cyclical, non-linear fashion where you both climax numerous times. The options are limitless!

So try these bedtime routines for better intimacy in your relationship as soon as possible and don’t forget to share this with friends by hitting down the share buttons below.