Bengaluru YouTuber Got Locked Up Behind Bars For Playing Ghost Prank

Playing pranks on unsuspecting public has been quite a popular genre for many YouTubers. Sometimes the results are hilarious, while sometimes it backfires. Not every passerby would have sporting attitude towards the pranks.

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Recently, a YouTube channel based in Bengalaru, got into serious trouble for their prank. They tried pranks, dressed as ghost, on an auto-rickshaw driver and some other people. The driver wasn’t the right person to play the prank, as it seemed. He lodged a police complaint against the pranksters.

The police was quick to act on the complaint, as they examined the CCTV footage. The incident happened at 2 AM in the morning at Sharifnagar, Bengaluru. According to News Minute, the pranksters were charged for wrongful restrain, insult with intent to provoke breach of peace, and criminal intimidation.


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