Why Bhutan Doesn’t Have McDonald’s Or Any Other Fast Food Chains?

kfc bhutan

Bhutan for centuries has remained without the influence of the western world particularly due to its geographical situation and now no more in a safe zone with modern development and its doors opened up to the outside world since 1961. But, Bhutan was wise enough for years to remain choosy under many circumstances and today we are proud of having many things which have been lost in the other parts of the world including, culture values, environment, and community harmony.

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Bhutan is a religious country and animal slaughter is strongly discouraged. Running KFC, McDonald’s or Burger King would require several slaughterhouses to be opened to meet the demand, which is against our religious value. Meat is one of the areas that Bhutan depends on neighboring countries. The beautiful kingdom of Bhutan prides itself on its rich culture and heritage, and the government puts a lot of effort into preserving the originality in every way possible.

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Being a happy and laid-back nation, Bhutan doesn’t allow any foreign investments on its land and compromise on its culture that dates back to thousands of years. The people still follow the traditional methods of cooking and have a wonderful and spicy Bhutanese cuisine which is one of a kind.

kfc bhutan

Bhutan Government is very much concerned about preserving the culture and traditions likewise, the people also follow the traditional method of cooking, Bhutanese dishes more chili and cottage cheese with rice on it. Bhutan government doesn’t entertainment foreign investment and moreover lots of items from these multinational companies are unhygienic or unhealthy for your body.

According to the article, Phuntsho Wangdi’s KFC and Pizza Hut eye Bhutan, “the KFC and Pizza Hut have submitted a project proposal to set up Business in Bhutan to the government’s FDI committee and the feasibility of the proposal is being considered.”

Other reasons could be due to few numbers of cities and a low population in each, for operating the above-mentioned business. Furthermore, many Bhutanese have chosen to remain vegetarian (following the teachings of great gurus or due to sympathy over the poor creature). So less scope of blooming the business in Bhutan.

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Bhutanese are mostly middle class and others belong to the low-income group. There would be fewer people who can afford such expensive meals. Even if they do, it would not be more than a few times a year.

Bhutanese discourages eating outside. People have breakfast in their homes sitting along with their large extended families. They have a culture of carrying a lunch box when they leave for work. And families ensure everyone is back home in the evening so that they can have dinner on time altogether. Having meals at home every day with the family gives the feeling of togetherness that we value and encourage. This keeps the family well-knit.

As an individual, I wish and pray that such a proposal does not come through and does not receive approval from the government. I am sure that the expertise working with the FDI proposal will look at it and decide for the long-term interests of the nation and GNH screening instruments to provide enough testing to cover every aspect.

However, it will not be far where Bhutan will experience the same fate as those nations and will forever lose the gift of our ancestors if our policies do not continue to support a strong commitment. If Bhutan also starts to serve KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks then you won’t feel Bhutan; I mean there won’t be any difference between Bhutan and other countries.