8 Bizarre Products You Won’t Believe Women Have Actually Spent Money On

Women are known to be super spenders when it comes to fashion and beauty products. For example, it is estimated that an average woman will spend over $15000 yearly on daily makeup items.

Here are some bizarre products that women have essentially spend money on.

RAD emergency bra

The RAD Emergency Bra is a specialty emergency bra: a brasserie convertible into face masks with a radiation sensor incorporated into the body of the bra. The stylish bra transforms into a gas mask with independent strap systems. This 20 years of experience in research invested by Dr. Elena Bodnar, who was founder and president of the trauma risk management research institute in Chicago, is just an object, but it can save a life.

Go Girl

Discreet, reusable, funnel-shaped female urination device. GoGirl provides a revolutionary bathroom solution for women to go anywhere. Fits in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment and is TSA Approved. Great for traveling and a must-have for outdoor activities or anywhere with limited or dirty bathrooms.


The Cuchini is a reusable, lightweight, and comfortable pad that adheres to undergarments and clothing with clear, double-sided fashion tape to eliminate what is commonly known as Camel Toe. You know, Camel Toe, that unsightly frontal wedgie caused by form-fitting clothing such as swimwear and yoga pants. 

TaTa Towels

From sweat stains to discomfort to skin rashes and more, boob sweat has inconvenienced women forever. Ta-Ta Towels are perfect for nursing or breastfeeding, combating boob sweat, or just lounging around. Look sexy and be comfortable with Ta-Ta Towels.

Lipstick Helper

Every girl dreams of perfect plump lips. But, if you don’t want to spend time on plump lips, you can easily use this lipstick helper.

Smile Corrector

This face trainer helps exercise your mouth muscles and form a charming smile. Correcting smile, practice with a smile every day, make it easier to laugh, and more natural after the lips.

Heel Condoms

Innovator, designer, and international businesswoman Sandrysabel Ortiz is familiar with these problems, and she has created a great solution. Heel Condoms are a must-have accessory for women who love shoes. Heel condoms are perfect for when you want to change the look of your shoes quickly and easily.

Would you buy any of these products?