16 Bold Indian Web Series That You Should Only Watch Alone

bold indian web series watch alone

Since the inception of online streaming networks, many creatives have been producing successful bold Indian web series. Producers and directors enjoy the freedom to express themselves to showcase adult and mature themes with sexual content.

Despite India’s relaxed censorship policy, most of these web series target people above eighteen years old. Several hit web series with a sexual nature are available via popular streaming networks such as Netflix and through a range of Over-The-Top (OTT) providers.

Many top actors star in these series, with some also featuring in scenes reflecting nudity. Famous director Vikram Bhatt is supporting such brave content and has already worked on a few series. Ekta Kapoor and her company ALT Balaji are also backing such web series full of suggestive adult content.

Here is a list of 16 bold Indian web series for adults to watch and enjoy.

Gandi Baat

gandi baat

Gandi Baat is a bold Indian web series that can be streamed on Alt Balaji, and it’s based on erotic stories from the rural parts of India. Three seasons have been aired now, and the series has a high dose of sexual content and nudity.

Dupur Thakurpo

dupur thakurpo

Dupur Thakurpo is among the first originals launched by Hoichoi and is now two seasons old. The content of this web series provides popular adult comedy. The basic premise of the series is a ‘boudi’ (sister-in-law) pursued by Thakurpos.

Ragini MMS Returns

ragini mms returns

The hit franchise Ragini MMS went to the web with the series Ragini MMS Returns, streamed on Alt Balaji. The trailer promised some steamy scenes. Karishma Sharma and Riya Sen are the stars of this series. It is full of sexy adult content, and Karishma Sharma’s bold scenes with Sakshi Pradhan became the town’s talk.

One Night Stand

one night stand

One Night Stand is a romantic Adda Times original Bengali web series. It is a story of three strangers (Dhrubo: Ambarish Banerjee, Debi: Prriyam Chakraborty, and Debo: Saurav Das) who are new in the town and meet each other just by fate at an unknown party. They decide to know each other more while smoking and drinking in one’s house.



Produced by Vikram Bhatt, Spotlight is a beautiful addition to his genre of love stories. It is streaming on Hong Kong OTT provider Viu. With two seasons out, this has created a fan base of its own. Hence this is a must-watch for all. The story of season 2 revolves around a young performer (Vicky: Karan Grover) who is successful. His entire life shatters when he loses his ability to sing. However, there is a twist when his girlfriend (Aditi Arya: Jyotika) helps him regains his faith back in music. It is worth watching how true love can change people for good.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

bang baaja baaraat

Bang Baaja Baaraat, the web series from YRF’s Y-Films, stands apart. A genuinely modern rom-com that doesn’t shy away from showing the more sexual aspects of urban relationships.

I Love Us

i love us

‘I Love Us’ is a romantic new-age love story between two girls. Directors Falguni Shah and Deepak Pandey handle the sensitive issue of a same-sex relationship in a very delicate and mature way. Harsha Chopda, Ashmita Jaggi, and Ali Merchant are the three lead characters in the web series.

There are quite a few intimate moments, including several kissing scenes in the web series. Ali, who earlier had apprehensions, spoke about the series, saying: “When I was told to be part of the lesbian love story initially, I was very apprehensive. But when I heard the whole story and understood the concept, it looked rather interesting to me.” The story shows respect for a particular genre of people of similar sex, and this is the beauty of the web-series. We live in a democratic India, so we need to respect such people.”

Dev DD

dev dd

The Alt Balaji series tells the story of a female Devdas. Asheema Vardaan stars as Devika, who plays a young woman trying to break stereotypes and regressive mindsets. The series also focuses on sexism, same-sex relationships, and feminism.



Twisted is an erotic murder mystery web series by Vikram Bhatt. A husband (Ranbir Raichand: Namit Khanna) having an extramarital affair becomes the prime suspect of his wife’s (murder and mistress).

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Nia Sharma (Aaliyah Mukherjee), one of the sexiest Asian women, is a lead actress in the web series. Her superb acting and bold content kept the viewers’ interest going. It is interesting to watch how the cops zero down on the prime suspects and find the real murderer. Other key actors in the web series include Tia Bajpai (Disha Agrawal) and Dilnaz Irani (Arunima).



This highly sexual web series is an original by director Vikram Bhatt. The web series caused much buzz on social media. The steamy performance of Shama Sikander was one of the highlights of the series. It also introduced the Indian viewers to the concept of BSDM.



Mirzapur is a tale of a trigger-happy, wannabe gangster son of millionaire carpet exporter and The Don of the city Mirzapur. A small but not so dull town in Uttar Pradesh is ruled by Mafia or gang Lord for ages. Police and politicians are their puppets cause they control the city’s thugs.

XXX Uncensored

xxx uncensored

Trust me; the title entirely does justice to the series. Do you remember the movie Darna Mana Hai? However, I hope not for those who remember, X.X.X. Uncensored is an adult and recreational version of the movie. It involves a guy who picks up a girl late at night because her car broke down, and then they start telling a story to each other where the climax is only lovemaking or even hardcore action. Ultimately both the occupants of the vehicle engage in a sexual lovemaking scene with a slight twist, and believe me; you will love the twist.

Sacred Games

sacred games

Sacred Games is the first original Indian web series on Netflix. The first season became very popular with the viewers. Based on the 2006 novel by Vikram Chandra, this is a thriller drama showing a Mumbai cop, Inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan), chasing the criminal, Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

The series does not shy away from showcasing emotions in its raw nature: anger, frustration, or nudity. There are some steamy nude scenes between Kubra Sait (Kukoo) and Siddiqui. The latter also has some sex scenes with Rajshri Deshpande, who plays his wife, Subhadra.

Rajshri defending the intimate scenes and having a dig at the audience, expressing: “It was a tender moment between a husband and wife. Sex is a beautiful thing; coming close is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, people are talking about it this way. They (the audiences) are immature and don’t understand the relevance of these (sex) scenes. I am not dancing on something derogatory. I am making love to my husband, and that too, not in a crass way.”



The latest psychological-thriller web series by Vikram Bhatt is Rain. It tells the story of a girl, Barkha (Priya Banerjee), trapped in her house with four men from her past, and one of them wants to kill her.



A Hoichoi original web series, Charitraheen, is based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya, the original story’s essence is maintained with all the twists and turns to ensure it syncs well with contemporary times.

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True to its name Charitraheen which means characterless, all the characters are shown characterless, making it almost impossible to guess what is in store next.

Lust Stories

lust stories

Though it is not a web series, it was marketed as one. Four different stories directed by four different directors and produced by Karan Johar is one of India’s best erotic web series. Popular actors like Manisha Koirala, Radhika Apte, Vicky Kaushal, and many more helped create a lasting impression on our minds through the Hindi adult web series ‘Lust Stories.’

It is quite evident that there has been a surge of web series based on erotic stories or depicting bold sexual scenes because of limited censorship on the content. It has opened a path for filmmakers to produce love in its raw form. Besides any sexual content, each of these web series promises an intriguing storyline for the viewers.

It will be interesting to see if the government tries to regularise this sector as well or not. While this is not the case, everyone can enjoy these bold Indian web series.