15 Bollywood Celebrities Who Died In Mysterious Circumstances

Death is a natural biological process. But sometimes it becomes unnatural when human being forcefully surrenders themselves in the clutch of death. Alternatively, there is so many mysterious Bollywood actress death list. Most of us think that Bollywood is a place of glitz and glamour. But there, behind the curtain, lies despair and tragedy. Here is given a list of the top 15 mysterious Bollywood celebrity deaths.

Silk Smitha

The bold actress of the South Indian film industry consumed poison. But the Silk Smitha death mystery is still unknown.

Parveen Babi

The death of Parveen is really very mysterious and Bollywood tragic deaths. She was found dead in her residence. She did not collect newspapers and milk for three days from her doorstep. Then the secretary of her society suspected that she might be dead. Parveen Babi’s death mystery is still unsolved.

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Priya Rajvansh

This beautiful actress was murdered in her flat and it is considered as one of the Bollywood mystery deaths. The entire incident of her murder is very mysterious. It is said that her apartment is still haunted by her apparition as she was killed very brutally.

Smita Patil

Due to various complications in giving birth to her child, she died. But according to many, the reason for her death is mysterious.

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Guru Dutt

The famous actor Guru Dutt died very mysteriously. No one knows whether he died in an accident or he committed suicide. It is considered as one of the mysterious young Bollywood actors’ death.

Manmohan Desai

This actor was an alcoholic and at the same time, he used to take sleeping pills. That’s why one night he died. It was a simple case of suicide.


This famous actress had a hole in her heart and this was the reason for her death. She died at the age of 36.

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Divya Bharti

It is still unknown if Divya committed suicide or she was murdered or she met with a massive accident. There might be a conspiracy that she was pushed from her balcony. Her death is well-known in the mysterious Bollywood actress death list.

Kunal Singh

This actor was suffering from a miserable situation. He also committed suicide through his death is mysterious to some extent.

Meena Kumari

She became alcoholic and excessive drinking is not good for her health. After the release of Pakeezah, she died of Liver Cirrhosis.

Shikha Joshi

We can see this actress in the movie BA Pass. She also committed suicide by slashing her neck with the help of a knife.

Kuljeet Randhawa

This actress is well known for her role in a TV serial named Kohinoor. She hanged herself on 8th February 2006 at her flat in Juhu. According to her suicide note, she failed to cope with the pressure of life and this was the reason for her death. It is one of the most Bollywood tragic deaths and mysterious too.

Nafisa Joseph

Nafisa also committed suicide by hanging herself in her apartment. But her family believes that it was not a suicidal case.

Jiah Khan

The most mysterious death in the B-town is the death of Jiah Khan. She committed suicide only for the complications between Suraj Pancholi (Aditya Pancholi’s son) and her.