How Do Bollywood Celebrities Look On Their Passports?

bollywood celebrities passport

Ever experienced that B&W refugee look? No matter where one is in the world, the inevitable photos for official documents seem to morph us from a pleasant-looking Dr. Jekyll into a hideous Mr. Hyde. Even police mug shots seem to be more appealing.

It’s because they don’t try to make you look good. The most important part of a portrait shot is the lighting. Some photographers take hours setting up thousands of dollars worth of lighting equipment. When they take your passport/license photo, the lighting is head-on. This has a few effects on the photo: It makes you look flat and unappealing, but it also makes it easier to recognize someone from the photo.

When was the last time you stumbled upon such pictures of your favorite celebs that left you completely shocked? Well, if you don’t remember then you should surely check out the passport size avatars of them.

Yeah, we got hold of unseen passport size pictures of stars of the glamorous world, and I am sure after looking at their pictures you will realize that you are not the only one who looks weird in the passport photographs.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I guess she is the only woman on this planet to look too pretty even in her passport.

Kangana Ranaut

The loud-mouthed ‘Queen’ actress looks glowing and bold even in her passport size avatar.

Nayanthara Kurian

Nayantara aka Diana Mariam Kurian, a South Indian actress, looks almost unrecognizable in her passport picture.

Sunny Leone

This picture of her seems to be very old as our diva, Sunny Leone doesn’t look like herself.

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Priyanka Chopra

This picture of Bollywood’s ‘Desi Girl’ Piggy Chops is actually terrible.