12 Bollywood Characters Who Are Opposite Of Their Character Names

The recent trend on the internet of famous characters’ names and their exact opposite lives have certainly taken the internet by storm.

While people are coming up with their unique and quirky versions of the same, we have also tried to recollect some of the hilarious ones we found on the internet that will make your day!

Chatur from 3 Idiots

Imagine being named “Chatur” and not reading the script and delivering an embarrassing speech! This was indeed hilarious since the character named Chatur from 3 idiots was not Chatur which was indeed a hidden message towards the end of the film. While Rancho was constantly convincing him to run after knowledge, this funny character kept chasing money and mugging up things instead of learning them by heart!

Vasooli Bhai from Golmaal

Imagine being named Vasooli Bhai aur tum aaj tak kisi se ek paisa bhi vasool nhi kar paye! The actor Mukesh Tiwari played the role of Vasooli Bhai in the Bollywood movie Golmaal series. While the audiences immensely loved this character for his classic looks resembling Sanjay Dutt, this was one of the hilarious characters from the film. Despite being named Vasooli Bhai, this character was constantly seen after the lives of Madhav, Gopal, Laxman, and Lucky to have his money back. But till the end of the movie, he could not get even a penny out of these characters, making him the exact opposite of his name. 

Prem – Salman Khan’s name in various movies

Imagine being named Prem in most of the movies and still single in real life! The Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been regarded as the most eligible bachelor in the industry who continues to be single at 55 years! While this was not enough, various pictures have surfaced on the internet by mocking upon the actor’s name who, despite having his name as Prem in almost every movie, is himself deprived of Prem/love in his real life. Sad, Right!?

Shantipriya/Shanti in Om Shanti Om

Imagine being named Shanti, par tumhari aatma ko shanti nahi mili! Now this one was too deep! Right!? In the Bollywood blockbuster film Om Shanti Om, the actress Deepika Padukone played the character of Shanti in the movie. But, unfortunately, this yesteryear Bollywood actress happens to die a tragic death by being fooled by the love of her life. And as the film progresses towards its end, Shanti was revealed to be a spirit who, seeking revenge, could not have Shanti in her life. 

Uday from Welcome 

Imagine being named Uday and losing control over your life! The Bollywood comedy-drama film, Welcome, included some hilarious characters who were indeed the exact opposite personalities from their name. While some of them were named perfectly, such as Ghungroo (koi bhi baja jaata tha), others like Uday Shetty happened to be the opposite of his name, which tends to lose his cool over various scenes in the movie. Control Uday control!

Majnu from Welcome

Imagine being named Majnu and sharing your Laila with your brother! As we mentioned before, another character from the movie Welcome with a precisely opposite meaning from his name happened to be the character of Majnu played by actor Anil Kapoor. With a series of events where he lost his Laila, this character first lost his first love, Iravati, and then lost upon his second Laila – Ishika. At the end of the film, the character knows the true identity of being fooled by Ishika and the dilemma of sharing his love with his brother becomes a matter of confusion and quarrel.  

Jeetu in Hungama

Imagine being named Jeetu, but you still can’t win the girl you like! With the news of its second installment being towards the verge of release, this cult classic comedy film included actor Akshaye Khanna in the role of Jeetu. With an opposite personality as his name, the actor loses upon his love towards the end of the film, making him an exact opposite of his name. 

Daya from C.I.D. and Singham Returns

Imagine being named Daya, but you still don’t have any mercy on doors! Now, this was indeed a good observation! Right!? Well, the television and film actor Dayanand Shetty is popularly addressed as Daya by his fans. All thanks to the popular police procedural television series, C.I.D. The actor bagged immense popularity for his character as Daya in the serial, which was awaited by fans to break the doors. Famous for his action, the actor even made an appearance in the same role in the film Singham Returns, and his scene for breaking the door was contrasted with his name by the fans turning this into a hilarious one from the list. 

Naina in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Kal Ho Naa Ho

Imagine the character’s name is Naina but suffering from poor eyesight! The characters from both the movies were seen wearing glasses who later flaunt their beautiful Naina’s after falling in love! However, if their names were taken into account towards the beginning of the film, then all we can say is, named as Naina with a bad Naina. With strikingly similar-looking characters, these two actresses made the audiences go crazy with their amazing transformations within these films. 

Babu Bhaiya in Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri

Imagine being named Babu when you have been single for your life! While we all have been deeply in love with Paresh Rawal’s character as Babu Bhaiya from the Hera Pheri movie installments, this particular character has been a popular meme material. But if you closely imagine his name in contrast to this character’s life, while you all lovingly address your loved one or your partner as Babu in real life, this character, despite having a name as Babu, was not a babu for anyone since he has remained single for his entire life!

Bala – Ayushmann Khurana and Akshay Kumar

Imagine being named as Bala jabki tumare sir par to baal hi nahi hai! The Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurana played the titular role of Balmukund Sharma/Bala. However, despite being named Bala, the actor was shown as a bald character, having no hair, making him the exact opposite of his name. The same was the case with actor Akshay Kumar in the film, Housefull 4 who was seen as bald. 

Lucky in Main Hoon Naa

Imagine being named as lucky when you’re deprived of luck in your life! Despite failing in college for three consecutive years and having bitter relations with his father, the actor was lucky. Unfortunately, the character of Lucky in the movie was so unlucky that he was not even able to share the last rites and moments with his father.