10 Posters Proving Bollywood Is Much Greater Than Laws Of Physics

How many times have your jaws refused to align back? How often have you felt stupid about the physics that you study watching the macho-men of Bollywood? Well, here are a few posters that will clear all your doubts, explaining physics is just a poor school kid when putting into a wrestling ring with Bollywood.

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It’s a well-known fact that action scenes in Bollywood films need no scientific logic. Anyone can jump from anywhere and can land at any location of their choice. Because aren’t the concepts of gravity, force, and motion for the uninitiated? But Bollywood, obviously, feels Physics is so beneath them.

1. The only thing that keeps Sunny still in our memories after his expiry date is his unrealistic muscular strength.

2. My god, the only thing waiting to be put into our films will be walking in the sky. Oh, wait that was what Krish 3 was about, right?

3. Iske peeche waale wires bhi dekhao na koi, please…

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4. NASA plans to use him for the next rocket launch. Watch out!

5.  *Good looking Stuntman*…. He would do really well in ‘well of death’ rather.

6. Never was the rickshaw so glorious, and these rickshawalas so hyperactive.

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7.  I will not buy my ThumbsUp from your shop. I will jump from your roof to the electricity pole and then a helicopter will abduct me and a semi-nude excited girl will hand me over the bottle.

8. Yes, horses are like engines, attaching two instead of one increases the speed. *Get Out, you idiot*

9. Thank god, the handle did not break apart!

10. *Physics Surrenders*


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