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Boober Eats: Strip Club Starts Food Delivery Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic of coronavirus is forcing many services and businesses to shut down. Also, leading to rendering people unemployed. A strip club owner in Portland, Oregon, has created ‘Boober Eats,’ to keep his staff employed during the lockdown.

Lucky Devil Lounge was forced to close with Gov. Kate Brown’s mandate to stem the spread of coronavirus, but the order does allow food establishments to offer takeout or delivery.

strip club food delivery
Lucky Devil Lounge

The home delivery service, in which a pair of scantily clad strippers will deliver hot food to your door, started as a joke Boulden posted on social media. When people began seriously inquiring about orders, Boulden saw potential.

From 7 PM to 1 AM, Boober Eats is offering the full menu from the Lucky Devil Lounge at the same prices. Delivery rates are generally $30 but vary depending on the distance from the lounge.

The World Comes Together In ‘Quarantine Karaoke’ On Facebook Group

This was initially started as a joke by owner Shon Boulden. But this came to reality when people actually have shown interest online to them.

If you are around the area, order your food now!

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Boober Eats: Strip Club Starts Food Delivery Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

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