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This Guy Raises The Serious Question: Boobs Or Booty?

Men are visual creatures, and if we are being completely honest, they are obsessed with every part of the female body. But somehow boobs and butts catch their attention the most. While some men will choose their sides and decide between boobs and butt, most of them will remain indecisively decisive and say both.

25 Pictures Prove Once And For All That ‘Men Will Be Men’

Still, that doesn’t answer the question at hand: Boobs or butts? Which do men prefer and what is the truth behind their obsessions and fantasies? 

The best way to answer that question is by looking at all the possible reasons why these particular female body parts trigger those reactions in men.

What is your preference? Boobs or Booty?

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This Guy Raises The Serious Question: Boobs Or Booty?

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