This Brazilian Ghost Prank On The Subway Will Give You Chills

train ghost prank brazil

The Brazilians got used to the Zombie Pranks in the subway and now these guys came up with something new and even scarier.

Well, it’s hard to believe that ghosts do exists, no they don’t! But one thing that definitely exists in all of us is ‘Fear’. These Brazilians do know how to scare people, their prank is so believable that anyone would have ‘pooped in their pants.’

The prank is very elaborate and a lot of effort was put into making it as believable as possible. Even if ghosts aren’t real, you will likely be creeped out. Imagine you’re on a train and it suddenly stops.

On top of that, it prevents you from getting off and then makes some strange noises before going dark. Suddenly a girl carrying a doll walks towards you slowly, staring at you in the creepest manner. The effort put into the whole scenario, with the costumes and production is certainly impressive.

What would you do if you witness it on the subway?