Bride’s Father Passed Away But Got A Gift She’ll Never Forget

bride father died wedding

The mother-son wedding dance and father-daughter dance are a special part of any wedding. Unfortunately, not every bride has the opportunity of having their father attend their special day.

Andrea sadly lost her father to cancer only months before her wedding. To ensure she had a memorable dance for her wedding, her brother had a special gift for her that she will remember forever.

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Because the song “Butterfly Kisses” was a special song for their family, her brother sang it for her. During the song, she danced with her grandfather, her brother Luke, her brother Nick, and finally with her father-in-law. It was a special moment that was very emotional for everyone and sure that Andrea’s father was looking down at her during the dance.

This was a lovely tribute to her dad and supporting each other during difficult times is what families are all about. Please share this special father-daughter dance with your friends and family.