Bride Leaves Groom Embarrassed On Wedding Stage By Not Eating Sweets

Indian wedding is nothing less than a masala Bollywood film with all ingredients like drama, emotions, and colors.  Our social media feeds are filled with these viral wedding videos, which add different shades.

Now a video had emerged on the internet in which a bride can be seen not being happy with her wedding as she was seen not budging when the groom tried to feed her sweets after the ‘varmala’ ceremony.

In the video shared on an Instagram page, a bride and a groom can be seen standing on the wedding stage surrounded by their relatives and friends.

The bride, dressed in beautiful red bridal attire, can be seen standing in front of the groom, who can be seen trying to feed her sweets. However, the bride doesn’t eat the sweet and moves away. She is stoic and shows no emotions on her face. 

Conversely, the groom could be embarrassed by the bride’s actions, but he acts maturely, keeps the sweet back on the tray, and sits on the sofa at the wedding stage.

Then some female relative can be seen coming to the stage telling something to the bride and asking her to sit beside the groom.

When the video went viral on social media, people questioned what was wrong with the bride. Due to the video, the poor groom got trolled on social media.

One user wrote, “Government job ka chakkar hai” while another commented, “Langoor ke haat me anngoor”.  However, some netizens praised the groom for behaving maturely and not creating a scene at the wedding after the bride didn’t eat sweets from his hand. A netizen wrote, “At least in this video, he didn’t disrespect her.”