Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Explains How To Maximize Post-Workout Recovery

The Captain Marvel star recently started her own YouTube channel. Brie Larson has been on a mission to take over YouTube with her fitness videos! Brie’s channel includes a series of fun videos that feature her cooking, working out, and even showcasing her own Animal Crossing island!

Brie Larson is a fitness freak; you should see her next-level workouts and jaw-dropping fitness accomplishments, like pushing a 5,000-pound car or holding a pull-up for a whole minute.

The actress has over 500K subscribers who eagerly await her next workout video and are excited to see her daily routines. In this video, Brie is talking about maximizing her post-workout recovery while wearing shiny blue leggings.

When she’s looking to recover after a challenging workout, Brie starts with a Theragun, which she says helps loosen her up, something she uses every day. Brie also talks about how important stretching is and loves some good yoga moves.