Russians Love Carpets And Squatting As Much As They Adore Adidas!

carpets squatting russians

Russians are one of the most peculiar bunch of people. The bizarre things that happen in Russia never fail to amaze outsiders. And to top it off, Russians are very casual about it. They were even taking pride in some of the outlandish behaviors.

We have shown you before how Russian gangsters love Adidas and carpets, but as it turns out, the ordinary people in Russia love squatting too! Their love for Adidas is known all around the world. Those three stripes trousers have become an icon for Russians.

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Oh, Russians, you guys are so adorable, you don’t know how much joy you have brought me with your sense of humor, every picture of Russia has never failed to amuse and confuse me, good job, man!

Do you love carpets as much as the Russians?