Viral TikTok Video Shows Server Receiving Ripped $100 Bills From A Man In An Attempt To Score A Date

Cassie Holland decided to put this man in his place after asking her out on a date in a very disrespectful manner. However, Cassie had no idea her video would go viral, and the man would come back to her with the remaining ripped bills before things blew off more online.

This customer decided to go down the dirty road and put his money in line to score a date with the server. However, things didn’t turn out the way he expected them to.

Cassie Holland works at a golf course as a cart girl. Holland took to TikTok to share one bizarre happening when she shared three torn $100 bills on camera with her followers. 

“What the hell is this? $300… In half,” Cassie says as she separates the bills to show the three notes ripped in half.

She goes on: “You probably think someone tried to trick me and short me. But oh no, this guy had bigger plans in mind.”

Cassie then shares how a golfer came in and bought drinks with his friend. He was “tipping good and being nice” and then “asked if I could go to dinner with him.” Even when she said no, insisting she was busy, he responded: “Well, cancel your plans and come with me.”

Standing by her decision, Cassie turns him down again.

However, the man appeared to be persistent. Then according to Cassie, the man proceeded to rip $100 bills, and in a cringe pick-up line, offered to give Cassie three halves of the $100 bills. He promised the other halves if she met him “in front of this casino” later in the evening.

Without a date and $300 down, it’s safe to say that the man was the one who lost out. “It’s funny because he probably thinks he’s a genius, but he just lost $300. For nothing,” Cassie concluded.