15 Celebrities We Thought Would Age Gracefully But It Wasn’t To Be

“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” At least that’s what AQUA said in their 1997 hit, “Barbie Girl.” The sad truth is not all of us were meant to be Barbie girls or Ken dolls, but some people tried their darnedest.

‘Life is plastic, it’s fantastic!’ At least that’s what AQUA said in their 1997 hit, ‘Barbie Girl.’ The sad truth is that not all of us were meant to be Barbie girls or Ken dolls, but some people tried their darnedest.

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Check out the gallery to see which celebrities went under the knife and ended up looking a bit more plastic than fantastic.

Donatella Versace

A true icon. And her portrayal of Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise was truly iconic… Wait, oh no, this isn’t… We’re so sorry. You can understand how it’s easy to mix those two up, right? Honest mistake.

Lil Kim

As you can see, Lil Kim has not had one teensy little bit of plastic surgery. She is 100 percent untouched, has never gone under the knife. And it shows! Not quite sure why we put her on this list… must have been a clerical error.


You may have noticed that a common theme with a lot of people on this list is that they’re oftentimes getting these procedures as a desperate attempt at staying relevant and seeming young. The really crazy thing about Fergie is, though, that her pop music career, which has shown continued mainstream success, proves that she’s just getting the work done for herself! And that’s inspiring, right?

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson is one of the people on this list who’s been very outspoken and proud of her plastic surgery. In fact, she recently stated that she’s set a goal to look as if she is of an indistinguishable species by 2020.

Heidi Montag

Here we see Heidi Montag, from the popular Laguna Beach spinoff, The Hills. It’s a shame because this plastic surgery has quite literally made it look like she’s over the hill. The skin on her face is stretched so thin over her bones you can see her thoughts.

Debra Messing

There’s something very strange about the way Carrot Top looks now. We can’t tell if he’s cosplaying as Debra Messing in 40 years or auditioning for the rumored “Gremlins” reboot. Either way, we’ve got to say, this is one vegetable nobody wants in their side salad.

Farrah Abrams

Farrah Abrams clearly is one of those people who looks at the menu and orders one of everything. Have you ever even heard of a chin implant? Farrah has, and she’s had one. Three breast augmentations? Sure, why not. Rhinoplasty? She’d love one.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love’s cosmetic journey is a sad one. She’s quoted as saying she felt pressured to get a smaller nose so she could be successful in Hollywood. She certainly made tsunami size waves in the grunge scene, and her tales of plastic surgery flood her legacy.

Joan Rivers

What can you say about Joan Rivers? The First Lady of Comedy, Joan had people rolling for the entirety of her career. Sure her skin looks like it’s as soft as touching the skin that a snake just shed, but she made us all laugh. Doesn’t that count for something?

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Kim Kardashian

Do you want to know the difference between Kim Kardashian and a McDonald’s hamburger patty? The hamburger patties used by Mcdonald’s are, according to their website, 100 percent beef, and include no fillers. The same can’t be said for… literally anything on Kim’s body.

Kris Jenner

Like mother like daughter. A boob job, botox, laser, fillers. Kris Jenner has had more cosmetic surgeries than she’s had kids, and she has A LOT of kids.

Mickey Rourke

In the movie “Immortals” Mickey Rourke’s character declares war against humanity. For some reason, he has decided to wage an all-out war on his face. And the army is full of plastic surgeons.

Pamela Anderson

Pam Anderson used to be known for running slowly and seductively down the sand in “Baywatch.” If she tried to run with these breast implants, one might pop. I guess she may not be in the reboot after all.

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Cher believes very firmly in the existence of life after love. Not quite sure if she feels as strongly about the existence of her nose after her plastic surgery. It’s certainly… we’ll say, different? She’s had numerous number one hits, and numerous procedures: Botox, facelift, we lost count.

Sharon Osbourne

We can’t really remember what Sharon Osborne is famous for. And if you asked her, we’re sure she wouldn’t remember what her face used to look like before all the surgeries so, it all balances out.