60 Celebrities Who Got Breast Implants And Proudly Admit It

It is a well-established feature that celebrities tend to spend mammoth amounts to get a perfect body and, more importantly, breast implants. Their lives are entirely different than ours, and to maintain the limelight, they need to alter their physical appearances. Whether it’s liposuction, rhinoplasty, or botox, most celebrities undergo these pitiless surgeries to captivate their admirers with perfect body image.

Breast implants are always in trend, especially in the last decade; more and more celebs are getting their breasts enlarged. It remains a controversial topic, in which some stars willingly talk about it, and others tend to bar themselves from confirming. However, it can’t be hidden from the showbiz world. They still want to keep it a secret that they went under the knife to get that perfectly shaped breasts. The majority of women choose breast augmentation surgery so that they may feel more attractive and feminine.

These celebs often undergo surgeries to increase their breast line, with or even three cup sizes at a time. And they proudly flaunt their new body type in low-cut necklines and fabrics that barely cover up their chest. We should also consider that celebs get more attention on and off the red carpet after breast implants. This gives the fame-hungry stars even more reason to get their breasts enlarged.

And while most women are thrilled with the confidence-boosting impact that a little nip or tuck can bring, not all celebrities who’ve gone under the knife have been satisfied with the results, with some publicly lamenting their decision to have plastic surgery. From Botox to breast implants, keep scrolling to discover 59 celebrities who’ve openly admitted the work they’ve done.

Genevieve Padalecki

After she turned 40, the actress “had this shift” in her body and decided to get breast implants, which she “felt great” about, Genevieve explained on the “Bathroom Chronicles” podcast in April 2023.

Padelecki said she started noticing something was wrong after she experienced fatigue during running and couldn’t run as far as she used to.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has never been one to deny having undergone plastic surgery. The famous song “Black Widow” singer revealed that she had undergone cosmetic surgery in 2015. She told Seventeen magazine, “It’s hard to be a woman in 2015 with social media.”

Iggy Pop gave an interview in which she confessed that she had breast augmentation surgery not long after acknowledging to Vogue that she had a rhinoplasty.

Erica Durance

According to many in her field, Erica Durance used to have relatively tiny breasts and a bust size that was less than ideal. After the rumored operation, her breasts were noticeably more significant and alluring.

Breast augmentation is the clear winner when considering how she could have gotten larger breasts. Although the star has not come forward to confirm or reject the claims, she got the operation.

Nicki Minaj

The rapper confirmed she underwent breast reduction surgery while flaunting her cleavage in an Instagram selfie video to promote her song “Barbie World” from the upcoming “Barbie” movie soundtrack.

Kendra Wilkinson

The Girls Next Door alum, 33, posted a close-up of her breasts and a lengthy caption about how tired she is of people making assumptions about her lifestyle because of her implants.

Wilkinson continued that the surgery was “the best investment” of her life, adding, “At the end of the day, I’m still that Tom boy who can care less what a man thinks. I try not to look like I’m flaunting them because I don’t. They are just on me and a part of me.”


The singer has admitted to getting plastic surgery in the past. On her 21st birthday, she admitted that she had breast implants. JWoww moved from a B cup to a DDD cup with a few cuts from the surgeon’s knife.

JWoww’s chest size pre-implants was average; Jenni could have been a little C cup, judging by the size range of the current Victoria’s Secret line.

Nicole Kidman

Photos show Nicole Kidman has had a breast job and lip injections, but the actress has never confirmed or denied these rumors. Kidman has stated that she had used Botox but did not enjoy the results since she could not express emotion.

The cosmetic surgeons all concur that the Australian beauty has had a little help with her bust. She’s no stranger to cosmetic surgery, having acknowledged multiple Botox procedures, and it’s rumored that she maintains her belly slim using fat reduction treatments like Vanquish.

Rachel Bloom

According to the actor and writer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom had desired a breast reduction for quite some time, and she finally got her wish last week.

Bloom has always had a big chest, but she pondered surgery when she had her first child. She claims that pregnancy altered her breasts in ways “no one tells you about,” making her uneasy.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have had butt injections, a nose job, several breast augmentation, liposuction, and laser hair reduction on her hairline, according to a cosmetic surgeon affiliated with MYA who spoke to Mirror. Nevertheless, Kim dispelled the rumors in an interview with Allure in July 2022.

She responded to a question about what cosmetic adjustments she has had for her face by saying, “A little bit of Botox,” before elaborating that she does not have “any filler” in her cheeks or lips. The question was about what cosmetic alterations she had had for her face.

Blake Lively

There have been speculations about Blake Lively having plastic surgery for many years. However, the Gossip Girl performer has never acknowledged or denied having plastic surgery before and after; photographs reveal the changes she has made to her appearance.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison never felt more unattractive than in a relationship with “Hef” in 2001. 5 feet 7 inches tall with a size 36 bust, a size 23 waist, and a size 35 hip, Holly, 34, claims that cosmetic surgery has altered her appearance and outlook.

Despite being a 34A, she admitted she always wished her breasts were more curvy and proportional to the rest of her body, so she decided to have implants.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler’s ample bosoms confirm her status as one of the season’s sexiest Diva stars. She allegedly had breast implants placed at the outset of her acting career. Her breasts are noticeably larger and firmer than they used to be.

Stacy Keibler’s plastic surgery turned out nicely. We have to admit that it enhanced her beauty and sex appeal. She would age gracefully without the help of plastic surgery, which may make some people regret her decision to get it done.

Avril Lavigne

We can tell from the reports that Avril Lavigne had at least two significant cosmetic surgeries. Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty were among the treatments performed. It wasn’t just her nose that had changed form.

She gained larger, fuller breasts than she had before. She went from an A to a C cup after undergoing breast jobs. Avril Lavigne got breast implants to have a more hourglass figure. Perhaps the outcome will be satisfying to her. It added to her allure by making her appear more sexual and feminine.

Lindsay Lohan

At one time in her career, Lindsay Lohan went out with fuller and rounder breasts; nevertheless, many people don’t seem to have noticed that her breasts have increased in size over the years.

On the other hand, the actress has never confirmed or denied rumors that she has artificial breast implants in her bra.

Gemma Atkinson

As a model, Gemma Atkinson knew she needed to put extra effort into developing her body. She realized she had to do something about her large breasts if she wanted to be taken seriously in the workplace. She decided to get a boobs job to change the size and form of her breasts.

It is the operation Gemma underwent to become the stunningly beautiful woman she is today. Not that Gemma wasn’t already stunningly attractive before the surgery; instead, the enhancements made by the surgeon merely enhanced her natural beauty.

Dannii Minogue

Like several other celebrities, Dannii Minogue decided to seek cosmetic surgery to end the accusations that had been spreading about her. She is scheduled to get injections of Botox, have her nose reshaped, have lip fillers, and have breast implants inserted.

Even though most famous people say they haven’t had plastic surgery to change their looks, Dannii has admitted that she has had breast augmentation and is unhappy with the results.

Heidi Montag

According to the Huffington Post, Heidi Montag had 38 cosmetic surgeries, many involving breast enlargement. The star was never a size A, and after the series of breast augmentation treatments, she attracts even more bachelors than before.

Cameron Diaz

Photos and the opinions of cosmetic procedure specialists who have not worked with Cameron Diaz imply that the Sex Tape performer could have slightly increased her chest size. Cameron Diaz could or could not verify that she had some work done in the chest region. 

Cameron stated in an interview with Marie Claire in 2009 that she would “want to be more curvaceous,” but she swiftly followed that statement by saying, “it’s just not my body type.”

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn reportedly had breast implants implanted in addition to facial cosmetic surgery. The change in her bust size was cited as the basis for this accusation. Olivia Munn appears to have had breast augmentation.

Olivia Munn’s breast job rumors are still just that: rumors. However, some assume she has breast implants compared to before and after shots.

Megan Fox

Despite Megan Fox’s status as one of the most beautiful women in the world, there are rumors that the Transformers actress has changed her look through breast enlargement and other forms of cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, Megan has not addressed the accusations that she underwent breast augmentation surgery at any point.

Courtney Stodden

After an inspection, Courtney Stodden declared publicly that her body was “100% surgically negative.” However, Courtney Stodden changed her mind after breast augmentation surgery in Los Angeles.

The now 18-year-old Courtney Stodden had breast implant surgery, increasing her cup size by 2 cups after adamantly rejecting any changes to her “au natural” figure.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale had breast augmentation surgery, so her bust would better complement the rest of her form. Her breasts appear to be the ideal size and shape for her frame. Because of how natural her breasts look, her breast augmentation had to have been performed by a professional. 

As a result, you had to look extremely closely to notice any differences between her natural and enhanced breasts. Although it is possible to acquire well-shaped breasts using the appropriate bra, the only way to reach perfection like that of Kate Beckinsale’s boobs is to have breast augmentation surgery.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian admitted that she had fake boobs placed when she was 22 years old and was unhappy with her decision ten years later. “I had breast enlargement surgery done, but if I could do it again, I wouldn’t have had it done.” 

Kourtney Kardashian admitted to Showbiz Spy in 2011 that she “was so cute before,” adding that she had even considered changing them until she “realized that I was created to look a specific way.” Kourtney was speaking about her braces.”

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s breasts were substantially more significant in the 1996 film Striptease, leading many to speculate that the actress had undergone breast augmentation surgery. Reportedly, Moore received a breast lift and implant removal within a few years.

Moore has been speculated to have had liposuction on her stomach, thighs, hips, and knees in addition to breast augmentation. The actress, however, credits her trim shape to a combination of a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Haylie Duff

In the instance of Haylie Duff, her facial characteristics were so distinctive that it is difficult to deny the alteration that has taken place. Even when she is completely covered, her breasts look very expected, and there is a significant variation in her size. 

Although she hasn’t added any weight, Haylie Duff’s upper body now seems “richer” than it did lately. Breast enlargement surgery is probably to blame. The actress has neither confirmed nor denied rumors that she has had plastic surgery. The only logical explanation is that she voluntarily went up a few digits in bra size.

Pamela Anderson

Throughout her decades-long career as a model, Pamela Anderson has frequently been the focus of speculation regarding the use of plastic surgery.

Beauty Pamela Anderson has been refreshingly honest about her choice to have false breasts, stating, “I just wanted to feel more confident in me, reinvent yourself, re-this, re-whatever.” I haven’t reinvented myself. I’ve never been anything but original. Except for the breasts, of course.”

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra, now in her 50s, still looks fantastic. Her appearance suggests that time stood still when she was in her twenties. The singer-actress has said whether or not she has undergone cosmetic surgery.

The iconic swimsuit model revealed in 2010 that she had breast implants implanted more than a decade earlier. “I underwent breast surgery over ten years ago, moving me from a 32B to DD,” she told Fabulous magazine.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was formerly of the country genre but is now a significant pop performer. In 2013, when she appeared on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards, speculation began over whether or not the singer underwent breast augmentation surgery. 

The singer had previously been depicted in images wearing cute, flowery outfits and remaining modest. Then she suddenly shifted to considerably skinnier clothes, fueling the fire.

Adrienne Bailon

The Cheetah Girls singer and reality star said she’d had her breast implants removed because she felt she “looked crazy” and that they made her feel insecure, despite insecurity being the original reason for getting them in the first place.

Britney Spears

As Britney Spears was one of the most successful pop artists in the world, it was generally acknowledged that questions regarding the size of her bras and mental health were fair topics of public attention.

The size of Britney Spears’ breasts has been the topic of much discussion over the years. Photo evidence reveals that singer Britney Spears has had plastic surgery, even though she has never confessed to having work done on her body.

Kaley Cuoco

During 8 Simple Rules in the middle of the 2000s, Kaley Cuoco sported a perkier breast, for which she acted out of character. Kaley spoke openly to Redbook in 2014 about the breast implants she had inserted. 

Kaley added that before the breast operation, she “had no boobs” and “always felt ill-proportioned,” she doesn’t regret having some help in that respect, but she felt better after getting breast implants.

Miranda Kerr

Famous Australian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is a rare model with breast implants. Over the years, Miranda has risen to fame, and the modeling community has widely praised her.

Positive and negative comments were made on the thread about Miranda Kerr’s breast implants. Unfortunately, the rumors still need to be considered. Miranda has not made any statements to the contrary. Contrarily, judging by the size of her breasts. It appeared flawless.

Gisele Bundchen

In her book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, the Brazilian supermodel unexpectedly opened up about getting breast implants in 2015 after breastfeeding her two children.

She spoke further in a 2018 interview with People, telling the outlet that she wished she hadn’t had them done.

Courteney Cox

Despite being 59 this year, Courteney Cox still has the figure of a much younger woman. It has led to speculation that she’s undergone breast augmentation treatment. Breast augmentation helps lift the breast tissue and pull sagging breasts higher on the body. 

It can also be used to redefine the shape of the breast. Courteney’s latest television appearances in a bikini are clear evidence she’s undergone work on her body, and her appeal continues to thrive as she ages.

Angelina Jolie

On February 16, 2013, at age 37, Angelina Jolie underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy after discovering she had a BRCA1 gene mutation that raised her risk of breast cancer by 87 percent.

Following her mastectomy, Jolie underwent reconstructive surgery with a fake breast, lowering her risk of developing breast cancer to less than 5%.

Halle Berry

The little scar evident on one of Halle Berry’s armpits is the result of breast augmentation surgery that she underwent. The authorities at the website speculate that Berry had silicone implants inserted into her breasts using a procedure known as “transaxillary breast augmentation.” 

It is an operation in which an incision is created in the crease of the armpit. There are also rumors that Berry has had plastic surgery on her nose. However, Halle Berry is another famous person who has resisted the impulse to alter their appearance through plastic surgery.

Ashley Tisdale

Sharing her story on her Instagram, Tisdale revealed that she underwent breast enhancement surgery years ago but removed her implants in 2019 after suspecting they had caused health issues.

Farrah Abraham

Celebrity star Farrah Abraham underwent a third breast augmentation surgery, and she’s given her fans and those interested enough in her bosom a sneak peek at both the process and the final product.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards states, “I wish that at 19, after I first got my breasts done, I felt secure enough with my body not to have had surgery.” Richards has previously stated that her breast implants made her breasts seem “far too huge for her figure.”

According to the Post, Richards had her implants decreased after having second thoughts. However, her breasts appeared to have grown more significantly as she left. “I was in such a rush to obtain them that I didn’t investigate my doctor,” she said.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, a model, disclosed that she underwent liposuction when she was 20. She also completed jobs on her forehead, nose, and lips in addition to breast augmentation.

However, the mom of two who had breast augmentation in 2020 wants to be public about her operations to help break unrealistic beauty standards. She is doing this to help women feel more confident in their bodies.

Anna Faris

Anna Faris claimed that getting breast implants was a choice she has never regretted. And yet, it doesn’t mean the outcome of her deliberations doesn’t take her aback. She pondered whether she was “betraying her gender” by doing so.

After more investigation, Faris realized she wasn’t. I wish we were more encouraging of one another, she continued. Whether it’s getting braces, dying one’s hair, putting in extensions, getting a breast job, undergoing vaginal surgery, or reshaping one’s nose, I believe that individuals should be free to express themselves however they see fit.

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano’s job may have called for her to have bigger breasts. And she needs it right now since she is the type of person who would waste no time getting it. In contrast to many other celebrities who keep mute or continue to deny when all evidence leads to the opposite, the actress readily acknowledges having received the procedure. 

Perhaps she, like many famous individuals, feels pressured to maintain a flawless appearance and the approval of her numerous fans for as long as feasible.

AJ Michalka

At 18, when she seemed to transform suddenly, AJ Michalka was said to have gotten breast implants. Her youth may suggest that the shift was gradual, yet it appeared to have occurred suddenly.

Her new, more prominent breasts did not complement her petite frame, and she blamed plastic surgery. Many of Michalka’s followers have speculated that she has had lip enhancements since her pouty lips no longer resemble those of a young woman and instead have the look of a sensual woman.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy admitted that she uses Botox, but just a tiny amount, so she can still move her face and prevent a plastic surgery catastrophe. Despite this, Jenny McCarthy still believes in using Botox as a rescue.

Jenny’s modeling career was jumpstarted with the help of plastic surgery when she underwent breast augmentation. However, her current fame stems from her parenting books, which focus primarily on autism.

Victoria Beckham

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2017, Victoria Beckham revealed that she had breast implant regrets, even though she had denied receiving breast implants for years. However, her breasts appeared to go up and down in cup sizes several times. 

Beckham called herself “dumb” for denying that she had undergone plastic surgery when she remarked, “I should definitely advise, don’t meddle with your boobs.” “A clear indication of insecurity. Just be grateful for what you already have.”

Ariana Grande

While Ariana Grande hasn’t said she ‘regrets’ her cosmetic enhancements, she’s finally opening up about them. In a teary confession during her September 2023 Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial, the star got candid about her history with injectables—and her desire to take a break from cosmetic procedures.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera never addressed why her breasts were more significant than they had in the past, but as she waved to her fans, a scar on the inside side of her arm was visible, lending credence to the speculation that she had breast implants.

But hold on, it’s not relatively that easy. There is a method for increasing the size of the breasts known as endoscopic breast augmentation. Breast implants are put through an entrance in the armpit during this procedure.

Diane Kruger

Some have hypothesized that Diane Kruger’s larger breasts result from a push-up bra, which is possible. However, the consistency in size and shape suggests that she underwent a breast enhancement and opted for implants that matched well.

Her more prominent breasts, which many assume are the product of implants, have garnered much attention. She seems to have graduated to a size B bra from an A cup. Thank goodness she wasn’t on any “plastic surgery gone bad” lists since her new breasts are an excellent fit.

Cardi B

Cardi B has never been bashful about her history of cosmetic procedures. Although her fans may have mixed feelings about her plastic surgery, the artist insists she is most secure after the operations.

When she was old adulthood, Cardi had breast implants with the money she made dancing in strip clubs. After plastic surgery, the star returned to feeling like her most assured self. After that, Cardi said, “I felt extremely confident. I feel affirmed.”

Shannon Elizabeth

Reportedly, American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth has undergone cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance. The actress has been the subject of persistent breast augmentation rumors. The actress reportedly had plastic surgery long before she became famous.

In any case, Elizabeth’s rumored breast augmentation in her youth may have been worthwhile since it landed her the role of the alluring exchange student Nadia in the smash film American Pie.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is widely thought to have had a breast implant, following rumors of Botox, lip fillers, chemical peels, nose adjustments, and false boobs.

The No Doubt singer decided in 2017 to abstain from all forms of cosmetic surgery, according to an exclusive statement sent to OK. According to the source, “she simply does not want to seem artificial and plastic-y.” 

Selena Gomez

But many of Selena Gomez’s admirers are baffled by her bigger bust. Yet the vast majority of her followers praised her beauty. Fans have long claimed that Selena Gomez, then 22, had had cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation.

The theory was created by a group of respected plastic surgeons and appeared to hold reality. Selena Gomez seems to have a spectacular new look resulting from breast implants, or she is naturally maturing.

Kate Hudson

In 2010, it was speculated that Kate Hudson chose to undergo moderate breast augmentation to make her breasts appear bigger while maintaining a natural appearance. 

Kate has never commented on the rumors that she had a little breast lift, although she has been showing off her breasts that are not too enhanced for quite some time now. 

Ashlee Simpson

The size of Ashlee Simpson’s cups was somewhere around an A. The size of her breasts increased rapidly. There has been conjecture that Ashlee Simpson received silicone breast implants since her bra size went from 32A to 32B.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Ashlee went under the knife to enhance her bust size, as breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures in the entertainment industry. Her breast implants are so well done that she has a natural appearance.


Recently, rumors have circulated that Rihanna had Mentor or Natrelle silicone breast implants. Her breasts look proportional to her body and natural, even if she has had implants.

Rihanna’s boobs are “quite tiny,” as even Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, so he suspects she has silicone implants. The implants were strategically placed under the muscle, which contributed to the natural appearance.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s breathtaking attractiveness has frequently caused many people to give her a second look. Plastic surgery rumors concerning the actress have been circulating in the media for quite some time. 

According to rumors about her, she is said to have undergone many cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, lip injections, breast augmentation, etc.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has undergone lip fillers, confirming widespread speculation about her cosmetic procedures. Because of this, many people began to speculate that Kylie had had even more plastic surgery than she had admitted.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner showed off a clever technique for enlarging the appearance of one’s breasts using an Instagram photo that she had previously put on her app. If you’re wondering if she said that to dispel rumors that she got breast implants, the answer is yes.

Wendy Williams

The daytime show host, who has always been open about her multiple surgeries and enhancements, revealed she was attacked on her show today. Wendy Williams claimed she was ‘vilified’ when she admitted she got full-body liposuction in 1994.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria’s Secret model dropped a significant revelation on the audience after mentioning that Alessandra Ambrosio underwent breast implants when she was 19. Denise Richards regrets her decision to get plastic surgery, stating, “I wish that I was secure enough with my physique to not have had surgery.”

If the celebrities who are meant to be the ones who establish these beauty standards can be picky and identify even the tiniest imperfections, then perhaps our expectations have gone beyond the scope of what is physically possible, even with the extra advantage of plastic surgery.

Rosario Dawson

At an event in 2017, Rosario Dawson startled spectators with her enlarged breasts. The fact that Rosario’s clothing exposed her breasts contributed to the spread of the myth that she had breast implants. 

Rosario’s “chest size appears like it’s gone from a B to a D, possibly from a set of huge breast implants,” according to famous plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who did not treat her but spoke to Radar about her appearance. 

Some women want their breasts to become more prominent with breast implants because they want to feel more feminine, while others prefer those surgeries for the perks: improved social opportunities and a boost in self-esteem and confidence.