Censored Beach Volleyball Is Way Better Than Regular Beach Volleyball

Female beach volleyball’s a great sport to play and an even better one to watch (especially if you happen to be a male), and even more so if the people playing it just happen to be professional sportswomen.

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I mean, what other sport gives you an excuse to study the female form in minute detail and make you feel comfortable that it’s all in the name of ‘sport’? The truth is that it probably has everything to do with the sporting attire (or lack of) and nothing to do with the real sport itself. But surely men wouldn’t be so shallow as to follow a sport because of that, would they?

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So what happens if you remove the sportswear by placing black rectangles across it? Does that exponentially increase the interest of the audience? Does it help switch the focus back from what women are wearing to what they are actually doing? Or does it just make the thing much more salacious and prove those guys just like watching female sports for one thing and one thing only?

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Well, yes, it probably does, as you’ll attest for yourself by casting your gaze upon the video above and images below. I can almost hear the collective sound of men around the world shouting ‘God bless this sport.’ I wish they have this at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

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