7 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating And Is Hiding It From You

Is your marriage in trouble? If you suspect your wife is unfaithful, you need to know what the signs of a cheating wife are. She will be trying to hide things from you, but you should know what to watch out for.

Before you beat yourself up trying to decide what went wrong, it’s essential to determine whether or not your suspicions are correct. You can’t resolve things until you know the answer.


Your wife will act emotionally distant. Even if your wife was really into cuddling and intimate talks, lately, she shies away from them. If you have kids, she seems less interested in them also. This is an effect of having an affair – it’s tough to be emotionally involved with two people on the same level.


She is not only distant but argumentative and moody. The burden of guilt she is carrying makes her irritable and quick to react negatively.


She is not home when she used to be. She may use a sudden change in her work schedule as an excuse. Coming home late or spending time away from home on weekends can be easily explained by working overtime. This is a red flag, especially if it is unusual in her line of work.


Your wife may also use the excuse to spend more time with girls as an excuse to get out in the evenings. She would expect you to accept that without checking up on her.


Your wife gets a new hairstyle, perfume, or clothes. You may notice that she really seems to be spending a lot of time on her appearance and even dressing sexier in general.


You seem to be getting many phone calls to your house that end in hang-ups. Or, your wife walks into the other room when answering or whispers and hangs up quickly.


One of the big signs is suspicious numbers on her cell phone, which appear repeatedly. Or, possibly she is erasing messages and texts or even hides her phone from you. Since it is common to use a cell phone to talk to a secret lover, that’s an easy one to check upon.

These are some of the vital signs of a cheating wife you should be on the lookout for. Only by proving what is happening will you resolve things and decide what to about your relationship.

Still, it’s something you want to be sure of before you confront your wife.