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Have You Ever Wondered How Much Does Each CID Cast Make Per Episode?

CID is one of the most viewed TV shows which has been entertaining the audiences since 1998. The amount of followers the show has is truly commendable. Despite being successfully run for 19 years; the show still has a charm of its own. A total of 1473 episodes has been aired on Sony TV to date.

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The show has kept it simple. The CID team has been able to retain its original actors who were in the very first episode till now. The secret to its success has to be its naturalness the actors have brought upon the characters.

Have you ever thought how much these actors are making from a serial that has been running for so long?

1. ACP Pradyuman

2. Senior Inspector Daya

3. Senior Inspector Abhijeet

4. Inspector Fredricks

5. Shreya

6. Poorvi

7. Dr. Tarika

8. Dr. Salunkhe

Are they getting the salary they deserve or not?

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Have You Ever Wondered How Much Does Each CID Cast Make Per Episode?

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