9 Types Of Characters We All Have Encountered At Nepali Clubs

Clubbing in Nepal is so unstoppable that even a pandemic cannot stop it. After a brief Covid hiatus, clubs around the valley have started operating in full swing. At any rate, we don’t recommend you go out clubbing just yet. But, in case you’re missing the party scene a bit too much, we bring you a nostalgia-inducing list of people you have probably encountered while clubbing in Nepal.

Stealth Ninja

Booze and cigarettes inside the club can be expensive, so, this ninja tries to sneak in his / her own supplies. Little do they know, the bouncers quite literally sense what the ninja has up their sleeves. Amature move, guys! The trick is keeping the pack behind your wallet in your back pocket.


Was it a good idea to invite him/her along? After 3 drinks, they’ll start crying over their ex, and half of your party will be spent trying to console them.


These folks are incapable of just sitting down and enjoying their drink. They have to start a fight or vandalize something for their night to have any meaning.

Ms. Play My Song

If ‘DJ Wale Babu Mera Gaanaa Bajado’  had a face. This one won’t shut their pie-hole until the band / DJ plays their requested song. And when they finally play it, she will have even more requests. 

The Chatterbox

The club is so loud, you can barely hear yourself think, and these Chatty-Katthies are having a deep conversation. I think someone mistook the club for a coffee shop. 

Early Retiree  

This person is loud and can’t stop bragging about the ridiculous amount of alcohol they can supposedly drink. But 15 minutes into the drinking, they will be found laying on the washroom floor, hugging the toilet seat and spewing vomit projectiles. That’s also their bed and pillow for the night. 

Mr. I Know The Owner

They can’t stop talking about how the club belongs to their Dai. Alright! Alright! I heard you the first 200 times. Jeez!

The Wannabe Pickup Artist

After binging through hours of pickup artist Youtube videos, this guy believes he can woo any girl. You’ve got to hand it to the guy, though. Even after the 999999th rejection, he doesn’t seem to give up. 

I Am A Disco Dancer 

The only people who do what they’re supposed to do in a club – DANCE!

And these are our picks for the type of people you will encounter while clubbing. Do you have more? Let us know!