The Coffey Sisters Are The Kardashians From Down Under

In many ways, the Coffey sisters parallel the iconic Kardashian family, known for their striking looks and influential presence. However, unlike the Kardashians, the Coffeys make a name for themselves through their remarkable surfing skills and a penchant for adventure.

Their extensive following on social media serves as a testament to their appeal, and they embody the quintessential image of what you might envision when thinking of a typical Australian surf family. Ellie-Jean Coffey and her sister Holly-Daze Coffey, both professional surfers, are remarkable individuals within the Coffey clan. They share their adventurous journey with their two younger sisters and a brother.

Their unique lifestyle choice sets them apart: they’ve been on the road for the last ten years, having boldly decided to sell their home and travel in a van. This nomadic lifestyle has become their ticket to exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Australia while pursuing their shared passion for surfing.

The Coffey sisters’ commitment to the nomadic life showcases their dedication to the sport and their love for adventure. It also underscores their tight-knit family bond as they traverse the coastlines, ride the waves, and share their experiences with the world through social media channels.

The Coffey family embodies the Australian coastal lifestyle—full of freedom, adventure, and a deep connection to the ocean, all while captivating audiences with their striking personalities and impressive skills on the surfboard.

All sisters also do modeling along with surfing to run their family. Ellie-Jean says she likes to upload her flirtatious pictures on social media because that helps to brand themselves as a female surfer brand.

Similar to Kim Kardashian, Ellie-Jean regularly posts her pouting pose, and he has more than 150,000 Instagram followers. In her posts, Ellie says that surfing is an exotic sport, and those pictures are part of the surfing journey.

Meanwhile, her sister Holly-Sue is right behind her with similar pictures with more than 500,000 Instagram followers.

In a whirlwind of clicks and screams, Ruby-Lee Coffey and Bonnie-Lou Coffey plunged headfirst into the captivating world of the online rollercoaster.

The Coffey sisters’ adventures have been well-documented on social media, captivating an ever-growing audience. They’ve become influencers in their own right, inspiring others to chase their dreams, explore the world, and embrace the freedom that comes with a life less ordinary.

The Coffey family showcases the beauty of simplicity, the allure of the open road, and the enduring bonds of a family united by a shared love for the ocean and the thrill of the ride.