7 Things About College Life In Kathmandu Valley For Out-Of-Towners

The real journey of life begins at college. The lifestyle and academic pressure of college life in Kathmandu are similar to other cities.

Have you passed your SEE? If you are looking forward to your college life, you might have heard a lot of rumors. You may hear about bunking classes, dating a beautiful girl or handsome boy, smoking and alcohol, etc. This is because the children were told to study hard in their student life, i.e. till class ten. After that, it will be easier to start a new college life.

The question may come, “Isn’t college life so chill?” Will I be able to pass college even after bunking classes? Of course, the answer is with you. But, don’t worry even if you don’t have the answer. It is because college life gives the individual student to learn by facing a problem.

Now, it’s time to dive into college life in Kathmandu Valley. When we were young, we saw our brother and sister migrate to Kathmandu Valley for higher studies. Some of our elder siblings achieved great success. So, our parents allow us to choose one of the colleges in Kathmandu.

Then, the real journey of struggle and achievement or life lessons begins. The lifestyle and academic pressure of college students are similar to those of Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal. However, though there are many similarities, we can find a few differences below.


The student who is from out of the valley chooses a hostel. The private hostels of Kathmandu Valley are not as good as we think. There is plywood instead of a cemented wall. The hostel owner divides the room with an aluminum wall or plywood to make space and money. The noise can easily pass from one room to another. Those students who want to read in a peaceful environment leave the hostel.

Students who live in private hostels may be from any background. They may speak harsh words. Their moral values may not align with each other. It can bring disputes among hostellers. Many students, especially girls, live in the hostel despite bad food and environment. Their parent is strict and doesn’t allow them to stay in the room. The safety of girls is more important.

Sometimes the hostel is good, but the room partner may not speak properly. They don’t share the things directly with you, but they do backbiting. It is a problematic situation.

The hostels owned by the college itself tend to be more costly. Middle-class and scholarship-granted students can’t afford the hostel fees. So, they prefer a private hostel or rent a room. 

Many students make their best memories from hostel life in Kathmandu Valley. The roomies are like brother and sister. They share their feelings and support each other by giving loans or emotional support when needed.

The hostel is another family. The hostel life also affects overall performance in academics examination. So, one must choose a good hostel and a good partner. Changing the place and partner is better if you feel bad about the hostel’s atmosphere.

Rent a room

It is challenging to find a single room in Kathmandu Valley. The rent is very high even if college students get a single room. However, renting a room is not a bad idea. You can easily find a high-quality room at least at a distance of 18 to 20 kilometers away from your college. It may take a minimum of 1 hour to travel. However, the duration of one hour is not the worst scenario. You will get plenty of time to study during the rest hour.

Some college students do part-time jobs to make pocket money. The middle and poor college students can’t afford Kathmandu City’s expenses without an appointment. Doing a job and studying is an option for such a student. They are courageous and will achieve a better future.

Modern lifestyle

Students who are from the valley have had modern life since their childhood. On the other hand, those students who are out of the valley want the contemporary life of Kathmandu Valley. As a result, many college students acquire positive habits, whereas many adopt bad practices. It may vary due to friend circle and society.

The college students from rural areas eat junk items such as pizza, burgers, stick food, etc. It is not what we are interpreting that the college students from rural areas can’t eat junk. Here, we are trying to say that students eating pattern changes rapidly. They buy clothes daily. College students go to pubs, smoke, drink, etc. They frequently go for outings. They keep asking for new gadgets by seeing their friend. Many college students forget about their careers and enjoy the city’s light. The town’s light can bring sunshine to someone’s life and darkness to another person’s life.

Academic competition

Kathmandu is a dream city for many students. It is not only the dream of students. It is the dream city of all Nepali people. Due to a well-equipped laboratory and highly qualified teachers, many students choose Kathmandu college. There is very high competition among college students. Those students who topped their school level may not perform well in their college exams.

Similarly, the average student can perform well in their college exams. In this case, the famous saying “Don’t judge a book by seeing its cover” is valuable. In most private colleges, those students who fail in their internal examinations must re-examine until they pass.

Due to highly competent college mates, one needs to read more smartly than others. As a result, one may need to struggle to get a scholarship from the college.


In some classes, we can find a group based on students from out of the valley and inside. There may be a combined group too. Many college students deal with the satire that they are from rural cities or poor villages. Some college students are called “Pakhe” or “Gaule” because they belong to villages.

Among the groups, there may be a fight between the members. Mainly, the reason behind the conflict is girls and girls stuff. Another reason may be sports. The battle may be for short times and sometimes extend for long months to a year.


At the beginning of college, some students find it difficult to cooperate with more than one lecturer on the same subject. It is because we don’t have a separate teacher for the same subject during our school days.

College friend

A friend is an essential part of our life. Friendship comes after the family. We spend two years in college. In this time interval, we become very close to them. After college, we have just one or two friends on our college friend list. During college, a friend helps us submit assignments, practical lab sheets, etc.

They are part of bunking a class and movie partner. Some friends are just friends. We know their name and no more sentiments with them. Some college students can’t make friends. They stay and travel alone while attending class and returning home. 

Adapting a new thing is more common among college students. The adaptation of good habits leads to a beautiful future. Unfortunately, most college students may adopt bad habits. For example – smoking and drug addiction, etc. The age of college students is susceptible. Every word and reaction can make a different sense to college students. So, the parents must guide their children positively and patiently in college-going kids.