20 Colorized Nepali Pictures Will Change The Way You View History

When we think of history, the past, we tend to visualize a bland, black-and-white world. After all, most of the old pictures we come across have had a limited color palette. This makes the image seem more distant than it is, making it harder for us to relate to it. And our imagination is left to fill the past world with present colors. But thanks to recent technological leaps, you no longer have to strain your imagination.

We used AI coloring apps to add color to old Nepali pictures. While not 100% accurate, these photos will give you a colorful glimpse of the monochromatic past and change how you view it.

Nepali workers installing telephone lines in 1959

King Tribhuvan ascended to the throne in 1913

Hippies get married in 1973

Young girls in Gorkha in 1984

Tamang Porter in 1976

New Road in 1973

Living the hippie era

Hash heaven

Pyan Gaun

Sharply dressed men in the 1930s

Jawaharlal Nehru with B.P. Koirala

King Surendra with Dhir Shamsher

King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah with Bir Shamsher in 1901

People of Jumla waiting for the King and Queen in the 1970s

The King and Queen arrive

King and Queen meets Elvis Presley

17 Shamsher Rana Brothers in 1880s

Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary in 1953

Bhai Tika in 1973

22-year-old King Birendra

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