October 29, 2020

A Complete Guide On Every Nooks And Corners Of Janakpur

Janakpur is one of the religious and historical places which is also known as Jankapurdham. It is situated in Dhanusha district, Janakpur Zone, Nepal. It has been declared as the capital for Province number 2.

It has a total area of 100.20 square km having around 174000 population as per 2015 counting. It is the birthplace of the goddess Sita. The language is spoken over there is Maithili. The main religions are Hindu and Muslim.


There are so many temples in Janakpur such as Janaki Mandir, Rajdevi Mandir, Sankatmochan Mandir, Ram Mandir, etc. Among this, Janki Mandir is the biggest temple in Nepal which was built in 1955 B.S. by Queen Brisbhanu Kunwar of Tikamgarh. It is also called “Nau Lakha Mandir” since the cost of construction was nine lakhs.


The major festivals celebrated in Janakpur by Hindu are Vijayadashami, Deepawali, Chhath, Teej and the festivals celebrated by Muslims are Ramzan, Bakrid, Moharam.


There are several ponds present in Janakpur such as Gangasagar, Dashrath Talau, Argaza Pokhari, etc. where many pilgrims from many places came for worship take bath. It is said to be that in one night 52 ponds have been excavated in Janakpur.


The transportation available in Janakpur for traveling from one place to another is aircraft, railway, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, tractor, car, etc. A railway line is under construction for now which will connect Nepal to India.


Janakpur airport is the domestic airport that connects many cities of Nepal to Janakpur. Janakpur airport also connects to Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal.


Janakpur has good educational facilities. There are many governments and private schools and colleges which offer education for kids, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The oldest government school for higher studies is Ra. Ra. Bahumukhi Campus which is affiliated to Tribhuvan University.


The sources of entertainment in Janakpurdham are theatres, FM radios, dance programs, concerts, etc. There are five cinema theaters which show Maithili, Bhojpuri, Nepali, Hindi movies. There are eight radio stations in Janakpur which play songs, news, drama, etc.

Hotels and Restaurants

Janakpur has several hotels and restaurants such as Manaki Hotel, Sita Palace, Welcome Hotel, Sitasarn Hotel, etc. which provide good lodging and food for tourists. There are several cheap lodges and Dharamshala for pilgrims.


There are also various parks available in Janakpur where people come, sit and talk with friends and relatives. The main park in Janakpur is Kasthmadap which is on the north side of Janaki Mandir.


The foods which the people over there in Janakpur used to have Dal, Bhat, Roti, Sabji, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, etc.


The media available in Janakpur are radio stations, some TV channels, and a few print newspapers. There are four TV channels in Janakpur.


The climate in Janakpur is hot, cold, and moderate depending upon the season of the year. Generally, from Chaitra month to Bhadra month hot season will be there and from Aswin to Falgun cold season will be there.

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