October 29, 2020

41 Countries Nepalese Can Travel Without Pre-Approved Visa And Departure Hassles

What is the foremost thing you do when you plan for a vacation abroad? Book tickets? Pack your bags? Consult with friends and family for travel tips? It is none of the above. The first thing we do is browse through the visa procedures and requirements on the official immigration website of the countries we are planning to visit. Be it a short week-long vacation or a month-long journey; the first thing that comes to a Nepalese’s mind is the visa annoyance. Ridiculous lengthy procedures, long queues outside and inside the embassies, confrontational questions were thrown at you by the visa counsel – overall, we Nepalese hate the visa procedures. And there are some nations which don’t even have a system to process for Nepalese visa requirements and are inept when it comes to issuing a visa to Nepalese.

Thankfully, when a piece of information that there are 41 countries in the world where Nepalese can fly without pre-conditional visa attainment, can send us in cheerfulness, and we can’t be held responsible!  Yes, you heard it correctly! There are 41 incredible countries that Nepalese can visit without a visa. In short, some nations allow Nepalese travelers to pass through immigration without any prior permission. However, some of these nations do require an on-arrival or an e-Visa at the point of entry.

Nepalese passport is ranked 185 globally by Passport Index. Foreigners of 189 other countries can visit Nepal without a prior visa, or at least they have the option to obtain it from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, upon their arrival. Here are the 41 countries that you can visit without the prerequisite visa requirements:

Asian Countries Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free

There are 11 countries in the Asian continent that Nepalese passport holders can travel without prior visa arrangements. Since Nepal has open-border with India, it is no surprise that movement between Nepal and India is without any restrictions. Surprisingly, Nepalese can travel to Singapore without a pre-approved permit.


maldives nepal


iran nepal


india nepal


singapore nepal


pakistan nepal


bangladesh nepal

The Philippines

the philippines nepal


laos nepal


indonesia nepal


cambodia nepal

East Timor

timor leste nepal

African Countries Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free

The African continent is gradually opening up to tourism and development. A total of 15 countries has hassle-less visa requirements for Nepalese citizens. If are into wildlife, no other places in the world offer more diversity in this tourism category. Also, there are splendid beaches that are just opening up as touristic attractions.


comoros nepal


guinea bissau nepal


rwanda nepal


somalia nepal

Cape Verde

cape verde nepal


togo nepal


uganda nepal


madagascar nepal


tanzania nepal

The Gambia

gambia nepal


seychelles nepal


benin nepal


mauritania nepal


senegal nepal


mauritius nepal

Oceanic Countries Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free

Some of the pristine beaches of Polynesia welcomes Nepalese citizens to visit without a visa too. These countries may be tiny but they have breathtaking views. 7 countries in Oceania have easy visa arrangements for Nepalese passport holders.

Cook Islands

cook islands nepal

Pitcairn Island

pitcairn island nepal


tuvalu nepal


micronesia nepal


niue nepal


samoa nepal


palau nepal

North American Countries Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free

Although the following countries are popularly known as the Caribbean, there are 5 countries that allow Nepalese to travel without pre-approved visa requirements.




haiti nepal

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

st vincent grenadines nepal

Turks and Caicos Islands

turks caicos islands nepal


bermuda nepal

South American Countries Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free


bolivia nepal

Saint George and the South Sandwich Islands

saint george south sandwich islands nepal

European Country Nepalese Can Travel Visa-Free

Although Svalbard is not a sovereign country, this archipelago within Norway allows visitors without any visa requirements. This area lies in between northern Norway and the North Pole.


svalbard nepal

Some other notable countries with some preconditions:

European Union

There are 26 countries within the European Union that Nepalese can travel if they have a Schengen visa from any of the EU countries.

schengen visa nepal

Please verify with the concerned embassies or visa consulate before planning for your trip abroad. These rules are subject to change without prior notice.

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