17 Craziest Conspiracy Theories That Some People Still Believes To Be True

craziest conspiracy theories

Most of us love a good conspiracy theory, even though we might not end up believing in them, it’s quite thought-provoking when reading and hearing about them.

A good conspiracy theory now and then will add a little spice to our boring day-to-day lives, giving us something to chat about and speculate with our friends and family.

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Check out these 17 conspiracy theories, what we consider the craziest of them all!

Princess Diana’s death

princess diana

People love to speculate about Princess Diana’s death. Many people found it as a coping mechanism to come to terms with the news of the tragic car crash that killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in August of 1997 as it all happened so suddenly. The theory was that the British Special Forces operatives killed her to silence her and keep her from revealing detrimental information about Prince Charles.

The assassination of President JFK

jfk assasination

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November 1963, as he took part in a parade in Dallas, Texas. The man guilty of murdering JFK was Lee Harvey Oswald. Nobody knows the motive behind the killing, as the assassin shot himself the same day. But many have speculated on the purpose behind the shooting. The most commonly circulated conspiracy theory though is that Oswald was working for the Mafia, the FBI, or the KGB. An eyewitness also claimed that there might have been more than once designated shooters placed in different locations.

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AIDS epidemic planned?

aids epidemic

This startling conspiracy theory suggests that the CIA created HIV/AIDS to kill off all transgender people and African Americans. Many have reiterated this theory world over, from those like Former South African President Thabo Mbeki who once accused the US of developing the virus in labs, to even Kanye West, who in 2005 proclaimed that the government was deliberately spreading the disease to those with African heritage to weaken them.

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TWA Flight 800

twa flight

Flight 800 went down in 1996, taking every single one of its passengers along with it. There were no survivors. According to The National Transportation Safety Board, the cause of the crash was an explosion in the gas tank. But many eyewitnesses had reported seeing a streak of fire heading towards the plane before it crashed. It led conspiracy theorists to believe that the aircraft might have been a target for terrorists, or a US Navy vessel.

Faux Moon landing?

faux moon landing

On 20th July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon. He quoted to have said: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. But as usual, conspiracy theories have arisen around that incident. Theorists believe that the moon landing was a hoax that was carried out by NASA with the help of special effects and sounds to fool the world into thinking that they had advanced farther enough to walk on the moon.

Roswell rumors

roswell ufo crash

The day was 8th July 1947. The Roswell Army Air reported that they had found a “flying disc” that crashed on a ranch nearby. Later on, the military confirmed that they had mistaken a weather balloon for a flying disc, but many people still believe that the incident proves the existence of extraterrestrial life.

9/11: An inside job?

inside job

9/11 is one of the most well-known and tragic events in the history of the United States. Most Americans believe that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the incident. In contrast, some others refute this, claiming that members of the US government either knew about or were partially responsible for the attack themselves. Some theorists believe that the 9/11 attacks perpetrated as a means to justify going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Was Obama behind Sandy Hook?

obama sandy hook

President Obama has had his fair share of conspiracy theories. One of the most ridiculous of which is that the tragic shooting in 2012 at Sandy Hook never happened, claimed by a Florida Atlantic University communications professor. He alleged that the president made the whole thing up to gain supporters on his movement to regulate gun control.

The Holocaust is a hoax

holocaust hoax

Some conspiracy suggests claim that the Holocaust was made up of Jews to create a Jewish state. Despite there being photographic proof, the events recounted in “Anne Frank’s Diary”, countless documents detailing the circumstances, and the personal accounts of Holocaust survivors, some people believe that the horrific genocide of six million Jews never happened. They insist that far fewer people died in concentration camps than made to think and that Anne Frank’s Diary was duplicitous.

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Psychiatrists attacked Scientology

scientology attacked

Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claims that psychiatrists worked together to attack the religion’s principles. He believes that they opposed his doctrine to create a ‘world government’, controlled by psychiatrists and the USSR. Followers have also claimed that their forms of mental treatment are hazardous and inspired by the techniques used in Nazi concentration camps.

Vaccines cause Autism

vaccines cause autism

Many renowned people such as political leaders, celebrities, and others have come forward to preach about their belief that Autism causes cancer. These people assert that scientists and the government lied to the public about harmful ingredients used to produce the vaccines, and tried to cover it up. Even famous actress Jenny McCarthy has spoken out about her belief that her son’s Autism caused by medications, as well as affecting the diagnoses of millions of other children as well.

Coca-Cola’s new formula

coca cola new formula

Everyone knows that Americans love their fizzy, sugary drinks. This conspiracy theory revolves around Coca-Cola, which is one of the biggest brands of soda around the world. In 1985, Coca-Cola introduced New Coke, a newer version of their product, but subsequently, they had to take it off the shelf pretty fast when the public made it clear they loathed the product. Theorists believe that Coca-Cola did this purposefully to reinforce the demand for their classic formula, with the end goal of bringing in more money, of course!

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Paul McCartney’s imposter?

paul mccartney imposter

As far as conspiracy theories go this one takes the cake! Some people believe that Paul McCartney, a member of the famous band Beatles, actually died in a car accident in 1966. They say that his band members covered up his death and hired an imposter to take his place to make sure that they could keep their success going. They believe that Beatles songs such as “A Day in the Life,” hold clues about this event, with lyrics like “He blew his mind out in a car.” McCartney himself laughs about the conspiracy theory.

Oh Brother, Big Brother

big brother watching

Some people tend to steer far away from TVs, laptops, and similar technology due to their fear that Big Brother is always watching.  Our every move through tiny in-built cameras and microphones that have been pre-installed in the screens of our TVs.



According to all major health organizations, the process of fluoridation in public water will help reduce tooth decay in the general public. Some conspiracy theorists say that fluoridation is a device of an ominous plot to poison the people and weaken the minds of Americans to take over the world. World domination, here I come! Muahaha!

Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor

roosevelt pearl harbor

Many conspiracy theorists believe that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was aware of the attacks that were to be carried out on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 before they happened. He needed the attacks to take place so he could convince the public of America’s need to join the way. They also assert that Roosevelt covered up the warnings that were given to America from other countries about the attack to come.

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Saddam’s Stargate

saddam stargate

This is one crazy conspiracy theory, all right! We’ve seen imposters, stupid government ploys, hoaxes, murder, and even aliens. What’s left, you may ask? Time travel!

That’s right, a Stargate is a fictional portal apparatus, which one would use to time travel between two distant locations quickly. The conspiracy theory surrounding this is that the reason for the second Gulf War was to close Hussein’s Stargate, subsequently preventing an alien invasion of the planet earth.

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