21 Unique And Creative Face Mask To Fight Coronavirus

With the widespread of coronavirus, face masks have become a necessity. From plain surgical ones to the super expensive, it seems that almost has at least one pair with them. Going outside without a mask is frowned upon by society. It is in the best interest of everyone to wear a mask in the quest to fight COVID-19.

As they say, scarcity leads to newer inventions. Rightly so, with the demand of face mask on the all-time high, the supply isn’t up to the mark.  What would you do? You make your own face mask that fits just right! And that looks aesthetically amazing if you have the skill to do that.

However, some people are facing this crisis in style and have designed incredibly creative and unique face masks. While others are going for pop culture references with their own masks.

Here are some of the most handmade masks that took creativity to the highest level:

1. Lip reading mask

creative mask covid
Ashley Lawrence

2. Jaw mask

creative mask covid

3. Face capture

creative mask covid
Cristina Rodo

4. Cyborg mask

creative mask covid
The Elusive Enchilada

5. From the old days mask

creative mask covid

6. Fun printed mask

creative mask covid

7. Another variation of face capture

creative mask covid

8. Spiderman mask

creative mask covid
Earth 96283

9. Industrial respirator

creative mask covid
Plague Chic

10. Creativity Reimagined

creative mask covid

11. Anatomically correct mask

creative mask covid
28 days ago

Stupidest Faces Some Famous Celebrities Have Made On Camera

12. Very useful indeed

creative mask covid

13. Keeping up with the traditions

creative mask covid
Kennedy Gasper

14. Maniac mask

creative mask covid
Emily Rohm

15. Leather mask

creative mask covid
Sa Group 021

16. Knitted charm

creative mask covid

17. Accessorize your mask

creative mask covid

18. Embroided mask

creative mask covid

19. Never too many beads

creative mask covid

20. Daring mask

creative mask covid

21. Mask printed on 3-D

creative mask covid
Allison Dupont

Which of these creative mask do you like the most?

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21 Unique And Creative Face Mask To Fight Coronavirus

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