Czech Couple Wash Bum With Holy Water, Are Slammed On Social Media

czech couple bali temple

A Czech couple is receiving is getting slammed by social media users during their tour in Indonesia. To let you know, the Indonesian island of Bali also known as ‘Island of the Gods’, is known for its pristine beauty and cultural values.

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Hence, they didn’t realize it and landed themselves in trouble by hurting the sentiments of the locals. The guy washes her bum for fun with the holy water. Their disgusting and disrespectful action was caught on camera and soon as the video was online, it went viral like crazy.

Sabina Dolezalova Radslavicky is a fitness model and her partner Zdenek Slouka, both posted the video on social media. In the video, Slouka can be seen slapping a little water from a fountain structure on Sabina’s butt by lifting her skirt, repeating his actions and Sabina is looking joyous while he is doing that!

Do they deserve to be punished for disrespecting?