Daughter Brags About Her Mom’s Good Looks, Accidentally Goes Viral

Kids these days think you turn into a wrinkled, old prune after 30. But one daughter proved that her 43-year-old mom looked pretty great at any age by uploading photos of her on her @shipilkins Twitter account. And this led to a viral response from netizens posting photos of their own moms, too. When did 40 become the new 20?

My Mom’s 43 and Hot

Twitter user @shipilkins has a problem. Her mom’s 43 years old and looks seriously young and pretty. Her mom is such a babe, that she’s become a potential threat to her love life. The twitter user posted two photos of her and bragged about it on Twitter. After cracking a few jokes, fellow Twitter users started sharing photos to show off their eternally youthful moms, too.

Okay, what?

Twitter user, @1ucankedi’s mom is supposedly 62. But she looks like she’s barely in her late 30s. Is this some sort of magic trick? Whatever this gal’s beauty regimen is, she needs to share it with the rest of the world. Either that or it’s a pretty convincing filter. While she’s seriously youthful-looking, other moms looked like they were in their college years.

It could be her sister

Twitter user, @_darya_koral_ shared this photo of her stunning 47-year-old mom. But you’d swear you were seeing two sisters and their dad and not a mom, a dad, and their daughter. She looks great, and there’s not a single wrinkle or a crinkle on her face.

She’s stunning

Okay now, what the heck is going on? How is this lovely twenty-something stunner 40 years old? Clearly, this woman has made a pact with the Prince of Darkness.

She thinks she’s adopted

No offense, but if we were this Twitter user, we’d be doing a little digging. How did this mom manage to look Photoshopped in real life? Sure, she’s probably using a filter to enhance the shot, but she already had great genes.

Still in great shape

User @mazfaka explained in a Twitter post that their mom was turning 46. But she looks so youthful and fit, that we can’t believe she had three kids. It must be all that exercising she’s doing that keeps her frozen in time.

She lights up a room

User @sukawife shared this photo of her 50-year-old mother looking like a total vision in a blue dress. Her beautiful smile really lights up a room. Clearly, 50 is the new 40 because she looks absolutely stunning in this photo. Scratch that! We’d totally believe she was in her mid-30s.

48? You mean 20, right?

Well, her kid’s got a point. Is there another explanation as to why this mom could look like they shaved off 20 to 30 years? It’s either that or she’s taking a sip of the fountain of youth!

A Highschool student

This bombshell is strolling the streets, casually rocking some super short blue jeans and flats. If you ran into her, you’d probably assume she’s a college student taking an afternoon break.

67 is the new 40

While this Twitter user’s mom is old enough to be a grandma, (at least on paper) she doesn’t look a day older than 40. We need to know what anti-aging sorcery is this.