Girls’ ‘Pole Dance’ On Delhi Metro Is Making Rounds On The Internet

Delhi Metro has become a safe haven for youths indulging in objectionable actions in full public glare. Despite action and multiple warnings from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), every other day, videos of youths dancing, kissing, and other inappropriate incidents surface on social media.

Recently, a video of two girls surfaced on the internet, in which the duo is seen dancing while traveling in the metro.

The girls are seen performing on the song ‘Main To Beghar Hoon’ from 1979’s Hindi movie Suhaag, featuring Shashi Kapoor and Parveen Babi.

However, the girls used the metal poles in the metro for dancing.

Several other passengers can be seen standing in another bogie. But, the girls seemed to be least bothered while dancing.

The video shared on Twitter by Hasna Zaroori Hai has gone viral on social media while triggering a laugh riot. The caption for the video reads: After porn, kissing, and fighting in Delhi Metro, The latest is Pole Dancing.

While some users have vented their anger, the video has entertained several others. However, some users also said they had never witnessed such an incident while traveling in the Delhi metro.