Things You Do Because Of Depression That Others Will Never Realize

Depression is something that works in ways that usually other people can’t see. It is the invisible cage that keeps you trapped and does not allows you to move forward in life. However, the effects of depression are not always visible and people cannot make sense of the way you behave due to the same. Here are some of the instances that people suffering from depression will relate to:


In social situations, you don’t usually communicate or talk much. People usually take this as a sign of being rude or purposefully anti-social. But you usually withdraw because of depression.

The daily struggle

Getting out of bed is a real struggle. People just cannot understand that having anxiety and depression is exhausting physically too.
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Keeping away from the phone

You hate talking on the phone. Texting is safer for you. People think about being anti-social but it is the crippling depression that acts behind the scene.

Not seeking attention

It is common reaching out to people for help when you’re depressed because you don’t want to feel alone. However, people usually mistake it as an act of attention-seeking.

Food and control issues

Developing an eating disorder is not so rare due to depression. There are days when you just don’t have any energy to get up and make something for you to eat. You sometimes forget to eat all day or you may also end up eating more.

Losing temper

Being unnecessarily angry, mean or rude to people close to you. You don’t really realize that at the moment but later on you feel awful for your behavior towards people who don’t deserve that.

The endless cycle of thought

Over-thinking and over-planning everything. Trying to do everything perfectly and always thinking that you are failing.

Making everyone happy

You try to make others happy all the time because it makes you feel better to see someone else being happy.