These Pictures Are Perfect Descriptions To Society’s Insane Double Standards

Do you also wish to see your country among those progressive and developing nations (of course like the U.S.A? I guess you do so. Well, irrespective of the advancements in science and technology, culture and lifestyle, our country and its society is still isn’t as liberal as it should be and the reason only points to the society’s double standards added with the other numerous things.

25 Pictures That Proves Once ANd For All That ‘Men Will Always Be Men’

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples of infectious double standards of modern society that will shock you right away.

Oh! Yes, all men will remain pigs

No matter how much a man does gentlemanly things around a woman, he’ll always be seen as a male chauvinist. If a man helps a woman, he’s trying to get along with that lady and if he ignores or doesn’t interfere with her business, he has a ‘male ego problem’. Oh! God…

When it’s always about your shape, size, and color

If a girl is chubby, she’s cute and curvy and if she’s lean, she is sexy. And the moral is that no matter what shape a woman carries, she’ll be loved by all. But if a man is fat, he’s a chubby chaser, he needs to get fit, gain up those muscles and should always love his woman the way she is, without even expecting to have the same in return.

Men have no right to use smiley emoticons – Texting biases

Duh-Uh! I am still figuring out why men are blamed for using the smiley emoticons while texting. I mean only girls can be expressive using emojis? In fact, men with simple texts (no emojis or emoticons) would appear as if they aren’t interested in chatting. So, it would be best if they use perfect emoticons during chats.

This one is for girls as they are mostly judged by their looks.

This one tops my list of double standards. OK! Girls, listen, just try not wearing kajal or lip gloss a day and you’ll be labeled as sick or tired or even worse, you may be called as ‘Behen Ji’ by some people. And trust me those same people will next day again bitch about you for wearing too much makeup.

Not all victims are innocent people – Religion biases

To be honest, our society sees what it wants to. People will get upset as per their favorable terms and conditions. Take an example of victims who get affected in wars. Only victims belonging to our society/religion/nation are innocent else it is OK if people are killed in the riots. God! Give me a break!

Girls chasing a guy are perfectly acceptable but if a guy is chasing different girls, he’s a jerk. Why?

Why our societies always pressurize men? I mean a man chasing many girls could be a gang rapist but this doesn’t apply to vice-versa. See, gender-equality is a two-way phenomenon, if a girl doesn’t like to be chased, maybe a man wouldn’t too like being wooed by women.

When the religion restricts the definition of marriage

We all know marriage should be a person’s sole choice and yes, nobody should be manipulated for changing their decision. But still, there are various aspects that hamper the marriage thing entirely. Be it any inter-caste marriage or gay marriage, our society will continue imposing its set of rules and double standards disgustingly.

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These Pictures Are Perfect Descriptions To Society’s Insane Double Standards

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