Desi Girl Sexy Dance Moves To ‘Chikni Chameli’ Goes Super Viral

Dance has been a part of human history since its earliest origins. From Bharatnatyam to hip-hop style, dancing has evolved over all these decades. Regardless, it remains one of the most fantastic art forms. For all the right reasons? Indeed for all the right reasons. Talking about Bollywood, power-packed dances on item songs are the most catchy things that attract every viewer’s attention.

Katrina Kaif’s iconic dance on the hit item song Chikni Chameli is to name one of them. Desi girl Kanishka has re-created her version of this song, and it is safe to say that the internet cannot keep calm.

Chikni Chameli is one of the most iconic item songs of all time. The way Katrina Kaif danced to this song created a wildfire. Hailing from the movie Agneepath this song is a hit song about 11 years old now. Who would have thought dancing to such an old song could still create a buzz? This desi girl is named Kanishka Sharma.

A desi girl named Kanishka’s dancing video is making rounds all over the internet as she makes some sexy moves to astound her viewers. Her stunning performance of this popular song has undoubtedly caught many eyeballs. Furthermore, she is a budding young choreographer who has created a sensation on the internet with her mind-boggling expressions and dance steps.

On her Instagram handle, she took to her account her shared a 27 seconds clip.

To say that the reel of this desi girl and her sexy dance moves has gone super viral would be a sheer understatement. So far, the video has garnered about 462K likes, 1114 comments, and over 8.6 Million views.

With such a power-packed performance, enthralling execution, and flawless stage presence, this desi girl has garnered a lot of appraisals from netizens. 

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