11 Fundamental Differences That’re Visible Between Men And Women

They say men and women came from different worlds because of their differences. But it’s not about different worlds, it is about physiology, psychology and other science.

They are different from their body, their habits, their traits, their emotions everything. Women and men are different from each other in many ways and some differences are even advantageous to them.

We want to share with you all the things that highlight the differences between men and women. And it is interesting. Let’s find out.

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Dressing order is different between men and women

Yes, it’s a fact. Not everyone notices it but men dress up from bottom to top, while women dress up from top to bottom. Men usually wear socks then Trouser then shirt whereas women wear a shirt at first then jeans then socks.
Women always do everything in the right order and men in the opposite order. Their sequence of dressing up is just the opposite.

Alcohol and women are a perfect combination

Alcohol and women are a perfect combination. They go perfectly together. It is a well-known fact that women get drunk faster than men but very few know the reason behind it.

Maybe it is because their body can’t fight and tolerate alcohol, as a result, they get drunk faster than men. There is an enzyme that fights alcohol and destroys it before entering into the blood and women have less of that enzyme in their body that’s why alcohol dissolves into their bloodstream faster than men. That is why men are said to be stronger in this respect comparatively.

Women see more colors than men

It is scientifically proven that women can differentiate between colors more than men. When a man sees just Purple color they see purple, lavender, eggplant purple, maroon, plum, indigo and so on. It is right Women see more colors. That is why most men get annoyed when their lady tells then about her ten different shades of red lipstick.

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Women decide to stay risk-free as much as possible

Women usually don’t take risks as mostly they are caregivers, they prefer safety, they prefer to play safe, they worry more. On the other hand, men are the risk-takers, they believe in adventures, they don’t worry much, they believe in taking risks and nothing can really stop them from doing so.  Men believe in the motto ‘one life.’

Women eat lipstick and around 4.5lb during their lives

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11 Fundamental Differences That're Visible Between Men And Women

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