Video Shows Dog Removing Branch So That Blind Man Doesn’t Trip Over It

dog removing branch blind

There is no denying the fact that dogs are one of the most kind-hearted and loving animals on the planet. Earlier, Kolkata-based Labrador Sia donated blood to save a dog from Chennai and British bulldog Sheldon delivered cookies to neighbors during the lockdown.

Now, Pune police chief K Venkatesham has shared a video showing a doggo removing a tree branch from a blind man’s path so that he doesn’t trip over it.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the footage seemed staged and the canine was most likely trained as a service dog to help people in need but also acknowledged that the message of the video was worth pondering over as it opens up a discourse on the importance of empathy.

Meanwhile in Colombia, a grocery store owner’s pet dog Eros is helping him with home deliveries. He remembers the addresses of regular customers and accepts treats for a job well done. Take a look.

It really is true that we humans don’t deserve dogs but need them!