31 Photos Of Dolly Castro That Turns Your Boring Day Into Fun

After seeing Dolly Castro on Instagram, we can say Kim Kardashian has some strong competition on social media.

No doubt, Kim Kardashian has been a sensational social media celebrity all around the globe. Dolly’s beautiful curves gained her millions of fan followers on Instagram.

Let’s talk about Dolly Castro. Who’s she, and where’s she from? Dolly Castro is an Instagram model with over 6 million followers. You will come to know why she has so many fans and followers on Instagram worldwide.

Dolly Castro hails from Central America and is a fitness model and clothing designer based in Miami. Dolly, born in 1984, managed to get so much fame due to her hard work and beautiful, curvy figure. During her early career, she dreamed of being a famous chef, but as time passed, she diverted her goal towards modeling, and there she dedicated her life to fitness and modeling.

Dolly managed to get millions of fans on Instagram with the help of some famous magazine covers and TV channels which allowed her to grow her own brand on the social network. After finishing college, Dolly gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Karen. There she got more motivation and purpose for her living.

As her family started supporting her modeling career, Dolly took the risk of moving to Miami to make her dreams come true. There, she dedicated her life to fitness training and modeling. Dolly’s favorite workout is for her legs and abs. You can see from her pictures that she has managed to achieve such a perfect body figure.

Would you choose Dolly Castro over Kim Kardashian?