This ‘Donald Trump Drinking Game’ Makes His Speeches More Fun

‘Tis will make America Great Again!

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. There is no denying this fact for the at least the next four years. He has taken his place at the White House and is surely to be doing prolific media appearances during his tenure.

America will be reminded in every speech to be great again, therefore, we’ve come up with a unique drinking game that everyone – immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans and everyone else can play.

This game will make watching Donald Trump speak in the capacity of a President more sensible and makes lot more easy to hear him utter the words, “America will be great again!”


We’ve picked out a few of Trump’s favorite words. When he uses them in his speech, you take a shot (or gobble a kebab). Enjoy!

Artwork by Deswick Correa

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