This Is How Eid Is Celebration In Different Countries Around The Globe

Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. During this holy month, Islamic devotees follow strict fasting during the day and perform charitable deeds. All Muslims celebrate this festival after completion of one month of fasting every year. Although the method of Eid Celebration is different from country to country, the feeling of joy remains the same.

Not all countries celebrate Eid Al-Fitr on the same day. After seeing the moon marking on the last day of Ramadan(Chand Raat), Eid Al Fitr is celebrated.

Different countries follow different traditions during Eid. We have listed a few of them below: 


Eid Celebration various countries

The celebration in Mauritius is pretty simple. Biryani is a big highlight of this day. After offering morning prayers and greetings of “Eid Mubarak,” all the families, friends, relatives and neighbors exchange bowls of Biryani, sit and enjoy the afternoon meal together. The celebration offers one public holiday.


Eid Celebration different countries

On the auspicious day of Eid, before offering the prayer in mosque Afghans put on new clothes and carry something to eat. Everyone in mosque meets each other and greet for Eid. Right after the prayers, Afghans start visiting their relatives’ homes where they are served with Fresh/ Dry fruits and sweets and Green/Black Tea.

Egg fights are unique to the Eid celebrations in Afghanistan where men gather in open areas with boiled eggs, trying to break each other’s egg. This is popularly known as Tokhme-Jangi.


Eid Celebration various countries

Eid preparation in Turkey starts before the Eid itself. After offering the morning prayer, people greet each other by kissing each other’s hand and offer pastries and chocolates. When children and teenagers do it, they are given money or/and candy which is called Bayram Harçlığı. They also visit the graveyard and distribute chocolates there to one another.


Eid Celebration various countries

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Politicians, corporate entities, friends, neighbors, and families host an open house during the festival of Eid. Malaysian Muslims offer prayers enjoy different delicacies (ketupat, lemang, and rendang) and light up Pelita (candle-like thing) in front of houses. Celebrations last for 2-3 days along with the firecrackers.


Eid Celebration different countries

Image Source – ChinaDaily

Yuan province of China has a good population of Muslim people and the country has a public holiday of 2-3 days for Eid celebration for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. After offering the morning prayer, Chinese Muslims offer prayers at the grave of Sayyid Ajjal and offer food to their ancestors.  Deeds of the Sayyid Ajal are narrated in the form of a story and a special prayer is being offered to the Muslims killed in the Cultural Revolution.

United Arab Emirates

Eid Celebration various countries

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Eid in UAE is more of cultural events, incredible shows, and jaw-dropping offers. Stilt walkers, tannoura dance shows, clowns and balloonists, games, art corners, roaming magicians, beauty stations, decorated theme parks, and several traditional shows are a big highlight in UAE during Eid. The country offers a treat and enjoyment for every person in the family.


Eid Celebration different countries

Azerbaijan, a predominantly Muslim country witness all religions living in the country treat the holiday of Ramadan, which is a universal event, with great love and respect. Sweets and gifts are exchanged between Azerbaijan family members. That day all Muslims congratulate each other, visits the graves of the demised and pray for their souls. The two-day celebration is lively and interesting with people flocking to the mosques to pray.

North America

Eid Celebration various countries

The Eid prayer is offered in Islamic centers, open parks or convention halls or masjids. Muslims from different cultures with multi-national customs gather for celebrations and prayers.  Children receive gifts, and family members enjoy spicy, sweet and other flavorful delicacies made especially for this day.

Muslim communities hold gatherings in rented community halls or mosques. Muslims also contribute to their local food banks or donate money on this day for those who are not so fortunate.


Eid Celebration various countries

Celebration on Eid in India is a great joy for all the Muslim and Non-Muslim communities. After offering prayers in the mosque, Muslim community greets each other with “Eid Mubarak” while hugging each other. Sheer (sweet dish) is a big highlight on this day and it is exchanged by everyone. Non-Muslim communities wait for the entire year to enjoy the slurpy sweet dish only offered on Eid day by Muslim friends.

On the other note, Eid is not complete in India (being sarcastic) unless Muslims go and watch the movie of ‘Bhai’, Tubelight for this year. The movie theaters are houseful every year with Eid specific releases.