The Rise Of Emojis And How Its Importance Has Grown

emojis rise importance

Emojis are damn fun. For me, it’s a fun challenge every time I have to find and use the right emoji for a sentence filled with a different kind of emotion. And it’s challenging also because a single emoji can be used for various kinds of emotions.

You think that you will use a particular emoji after a sentence, but you scroll through the options and find another that can be used just as well.

But have we ever thought how extremely important emojis have become? Think about it. Can we return to the primitive versions of texting when you had to use a semi-colon, a hyphen, and a p to show a mischievous mood?

Let’s analyze why emojis have become our most treasured communication device.

Perfect replacement for words expressing emotions

We never thought that we’d need this, but it is a boon now that we have discovered this. Typing on a tiny phone is a nightmare. Imagine having to write so many words as “not liking this interior décor at all,” when you can just write “The interior décor…”

Avoiding miscommunication

Sometimes, words are not enough to explain your reactions to a certain statement. For example, if a friend texted a sarcastic joke to you, and you replied with another sarcastic joke. Most often than not, since he can’t see your face, he would almost always assume that you did not get the joke. That is the reflexive human psyche. He would feel that the joke was lost on you. All that misunderstanding and of other kinds can quickly be resolved by a quick to avoid all extra typing.

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Gives expression to innermost thoughts

There are some emotions that have found expression with emojis. For example, have you ever expressed this emotion in your speech? But how often do we use this emoji in our texts? In fact, this one is so indispensable that if it comes to it, I would rather eliminate the space key instead of this emoji.

Inculcated inclusivity and acceptance amongst people

While empathy and inclusivity and kindness are things that are being focused on by Hollywood films, and also making a huge impact on people, most people who don’t know any better keep offending people.

But the universality of emojis is such that, people have started taking pride in their skin color or respecting others. People are openly taking up the right emojis, with the most ethnically relevant one among them.

Using such emojis every day is broadening people’s minds. What do you think the biggest advantage has the emojis given to us?